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A wildfire that raced through parts of northern California Sunday heavily damaged the small town of Middletown. The blaze was one of two wildfires that sped through the region, destroying at least 81 houses and forcing thousands to flee

The smoke was rolling across planes, it was like creeping along water level roaming smoke.”

Everybodys house is burning up, its awful. We are here, and we are safe.”

My family is safe, and I have my pictures, so thats what important.”

The fires have injured four firefighters.   California's governor has declared a state of emergency.

key point
creeping n. 爬行v. 爬行;慢慢地移动(creep的现在分词)adj. 爬行的;迟缓的;毛骨悚然的;奉承的

firefighter n. 消防队员

emergency n. 紧急情况;突发事件;非常时刻adj. 紧急的;备用的