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From Washington, this is VOA news. I'm Dave DeForest reporting.

Germany temporarily reinstates passport controls along its border with Austria: Germany's interior minister says the move is designed to return to the orderly processing of migrants trying to enter his countryGermany and Austria recently had agreed to simply let in the migrants cross the border, in a bid to alleviate a backlog of refugees waiting in Hungary. Meanwhile, Austrian police say they have rescued 42 people believed to be migrants stowed away in a refrigerated flower truck on a highway near the German border on Sunday. Police say two Iraqis suspected as smugglers were arrested.

key point

interior n. 内部;本质adj. 内部的;国内的;本质的

alleviate vt. 减轻,缓和

smuggler n. 走私者;走私犯;[法] 走私船