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From Washington, this is VOA news.

I'm Dave DeForest reporting.
Divisions over the Europe migrant crisis: German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling on European nations to do more to share the burden of caring for the thousands of migrants streaming into the continent. Germany has accepted more refugees. But, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland are blocking a plan for European Union member states to accept specific numbers of refugees.

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has described as a "stab in the back" a violent demonstration against legislation granting more autonomy to pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. A Ukrainian security officer was killed and dozens were wounded in the violent. Daniel Schearf reports.

"Ukraine's interior minister, Arseny Avakov, says the guardsman died of a shrapnel wound to the heartThe shrapnel was thought to have come from a grenade fired from the crowd of nationalist protestersAuthorities said the suspect was apprehended along with about 30 others. Avakov accused a member of the right-wing Ukrainian Svoboda party of launching the grenade as they clashed with guardsmen in riot gear outside parliament. Daniel Schearf, Moscow."

South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar is complaining of attacks by government troops that he says is putting the recent peace agreement in jeopardy. Machar told reporters Monday the government is failing to respect the ceasefire by attacking rebel-held areas.

"When it goes on, it means the peace agreement is not implementable, you know, and if peace agreement is not implementable, then it is just a paper." The attacks could not be independently verified.
Thai authorities investigating this month's Bangkok bomb attack have announced finding more bomb-making materials in a raid on an apartment in the capital
This is VOA news.

Officials say a number of people were wounded Monday when Israeli soldiers jailed or rather raided a house in Pakistani(Palestinian) controlled Gene. The attempt to arrest militants there resulted in a gun battle that left at least 5 Palestinians wounded. Media reports say one Israeli was also hurt in the raid.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice has told Pakistani officials there is more work the Pakistani government can do to confront extremist groups. Rice passed on an invitation for Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to visit Washington in late October.

Islamic State militants reportedly destroyed a second Roman-era temple in the Syrian oasis town of Palmyra. Edward Iranian reports. "Islamic State militants reportedly blew up the temple of Bel in Syria's desert oasis town of Palmyra. The latest in a long series of attacks on archeological treasures in Syria and Iraq. The temple was the second site in the city to be blown up by the group. Historian Manar Hammad notes the temple of Bel was preserved for many centuries because it was used first as a Byzantine church, then later as a mosque. Edward Yeranian, Cairo."

US President Obama says it will take the Irani economy until 2022 to get back its pre-sanctions levels after the recently negotiated nuclear agreement comes into force. The President said in an interview with a Jewish newspaper forward published Monday, that Iran is going to have use the 50 billion $ and unfrozen assets just to prop up its badly second economy.

Mr. Obama described climate change as an urgent and growing threat after arriving in the state of Alaska Monday. He is there for a 3 day tour of the far northwest state aimed to bringing attention to the environmental issue. In the speech to an international glacier conference in Anchorage, Mr. Obama said the climate change is becoming more dramatic with each passing year. "Understanding of climate change advances each day. Human activity is disrupting the climate. In many ways, faster than we previously thought."

Earlier, administers from 11 countries and the European Union have reaffirmed a commitment to take urgent action to slow the pace of the global warming in the arctic region. Mr. Obama BTW is facing a backlash from some Ohio law makers following his decision to rename Alaskas mountain McKinley to Denali. Mount McKinley is the tallest mountain in North America and had been named after a President who was born in Ohio.

Im David Deforest in Washington. Thats the latest world news from VOA.

Key Phrases/Words

stab in the back 放暗箭,诽谤,背叛
guardsman n.卫兵,(英) 禁卫军官兵
shrapnel n. 弹片,榴霰弹,子母弹

jeopardy n.危险,危险境地
implementable 可实现的

with each passing year 逐年

take urgent action 采取紧急行动



乌克兰总统佩特罗·波罗申科称,举行暴力游行示威,反对立法授予东部乌克兰亲俄分离分子更多自治权,是一种“背叛行为”。 在暴力活动中,一名乌克兰安全官员遇害另有几十人受伤。丹尼尔·施锐福报道。

“乌克兰内政部长阿尔谢尼· 阿瓦科夫表示卫兵的死因是弹片击中心脏。弹片被认为是来自民族主义抗议者向人群投掷的手榴弹。当局表示嫌疑人连同其他30人被捕。阿瓦科夫指责是右翼政党乌克兰自由联盟的成员在与国会外身着防暴装备的卫兵发生冲突时,投掷手榴弹。丹尼尔·施锐福莫斯科报道。”