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The UN Human Rights Office is condemning the Kurdistan regional government decision to resume executions after a seven years moratorium. Lisa Schlein reports. "The UN Human Rights Office says it was dismay to learn of the executions the first of taken place in the Kurdistan region of Iraq in seven years. A man and his two wives were hang last week in Iraqi Kurdistan. UN officials said a little over a year after they were convicted of kidnapping and murdering two girls. The human rights office spokesman R says he does not know why authorities in Kurdistan decided to resume the executions. 'It's still very great pity because Kurdistan really* set of an excellent example.' The United Nations opposes the use of death penalty even for the most serious crimes. Lisa Schlein, Geneva."

Key Phrases/Words
1.moratorium n.(行动,活动等的) 暂停,暂禁
2.dismay v.使惊愕,使焦虑,使气馁 n.气馁