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Edward Yeranian reports.

"The prime minister indicated that the wall would be made of sand and would be finished by the end of the year. He said security cameras and surveillance posts would be placed at regular intervals. Essid added that the recent decision to impose a state of emergency was prompted by fears that outside plotters were acting to carry out further acts of terrorism and mass killings, to destabilize and demoralize the country. Edward Yeranian, Cairo." 

Pope Francis continues his tour of South America in Boliva WednesdayDuring two speeches in Ecuador, the pontiff urged Roman Catholics to open their arms to the poor and preserve the environment for future generations.

key point

1.at regular intervals每隔一段距离

2.destabilize and demoralize 使……陷入动荡、混乱

3.open one's arms to向……敞开怀抱;




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