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Top U.S. and Iranian nuclear negotiators met for at least three hours Wednesday in ViennaThey are trying to resolve the remaining differences blocking the way to an agreementNo details of the meeting were released.

Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid says his country is starting to build a wall of sand along the border with neighboring Libya, hoping to stop terrorists from infiltrating Tunisian territoryThe Tunisian government has been taking preventive measures to try to stop a repeat of the terrorist attack that left 38 tourists dead on June 26th.


突尼斯总理哈比 艾斯德表示,突尼斯正开始在与邻国利比亚的边境地区建立沙墙,希望可以阻止恐怖分子进入突尼斯。突尼斯政府正采取防御措施,阻止恐怖袭击再次发生。6月26日的袭击导致38名游客丧生。

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