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The U.S. homeland security chief says investigators have collected "strong evidence" leading to a prime suspect in the recent cyber breach of government records. The head of Homeland Security said the government is not ready to disclose who it thinks was behind the cyber-attack on its computers.

Witnesses say at least 3,000 Ethiopian troops have entered Somalia, reportedly for an attack on al-Shabab militants. Residents of the Gedo region said they saw troops with tanks and armored vehicles crossing the border Monday. This is VOA news.

美国国土安全局领导人表示, 调查员已搜集“强有力”证据,锁定近期政府记录的黑客入侵事件。国土安全局领导人表示,政府还未准备公开网络袭击事件的幕后主使者。


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