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The U.N peacekeeping chiefU.N.'s peacekeeping chief expressed his frustration with South Sudan's leaders on Wednesday. Margaret Besheer reports.

"Hervé Ladsous laid out to the U.N. Security Council the problems that his 12,000 troops, police and civilian personnel in South Sudan have been experiencing because of the government's ongoing lack of cooperation. 'We needed attack helicopters--request denied. We needed UAV's--request denied by the president to me, personally, three times last year.' Ladsous said the mission's movements have also been restricted. Also troubling, the South Sudan government is finding new ways to harass and intimidate mission personnel. Margaret Besheer, the United Nations."

Key Phrases/Words

1. peacekeeping adj. 维护和平的,执行(或监督)停火协定的

2. harass v. [军] 扰乱,骚扰,使烦扰

3. intimidate v. 恐吓,威胁