VOA常速新闻:2015-06-17 俄罗斯研发新型核武器

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From Washington, this is VOA news.

I'm Dave DeForest reporting.

A key town is re-taken: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Kurdish fighters and Syrian rebels are in full control of the key Syrian border town of Tal AbyadIt says they have pushed Islamic State forces out of the town.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles will be added to the country's nuclear arsenal this year. Addressing the opening of the Russian Defense Ministry's military expo, Mr. Putin said the new missiles "will be able to overcome any--even the most technologically advanced--anti-missile defense systems."

Asked about Mr. Putin's comments, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels they simply confirmed the pattern and the behavior of Russia over quite a period of time.

"They are exercising moreThey are developing new nuclear capabilities and they are also using nuclear rhetoric more in the way they are messaging their defense strategy and defense posture."  Jens Stoltenberg.

An Egyptian court upheld a death sentence Tuesday for former President Mohamed Morsi in connection with a 2011 mass prison break. The same court also sentenced Mr. Morsi to life in prison on Tuesday in a separate case involving charges of conspiricy with foreign groups, including the Palestine militant group HamasYehia Hamed a former government minister and member of the Muslim Brotherhood reacted.

"Today's announcement is another nail in the coffin of democracy in EgyptIt's a culmination of almost two years of an erosion of human rights in the country since the military coup d'etat."  Yehia Hamed. This is VOA news.

In a practical demonstration of increased security cooperation, Pakistan's military says its troops crossed the border Tuesday to rescue an Afghan soldier who was critically wounded. Ayaz Gul reports.

"A brief military statement says Pakistani troops moved into action "quickly" after Afghan authorities requested the "evacuation and treatment" of the soldierThe cross-border rescue operation took place in eastern Afghanistan opposite the Pakistani Bajur tribal district. Army officials say that a "severely injured" member of the Afghan National Army was briefly treated at a medical facility near the border before he was repatriated to his country in an Afghan helicopter. Pakistan and Afghanistan have increased border security cooperation in recent months while political relations have expandedAyaz Gul, Islamabad.”

U.S. lawmakers sharply criticized government hiring and technology officials Tuesday for not preventing a recent cyberattackThe attack compromised personal information for at least 4.2 million current and former federal workers, and likely millions more. Congressman Jason Chaffetz told Katherine Archuleta, chief of the government's employment agency, that the Office of Personnel Management had totally failed.

Another Republican has entered the 2016 presidential race in the United States. Billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump announced his candidacy at his New York City skyscraper Tuesday.

Top officials of the U.S. central bank are gathered in Washington for two days of meetings to consider how soon and how much to raise a key interest rateMost economists predict the U.S. Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at the record-low levels.

Libyans say a European Union plan to mount a military intervention against the people smugglers behind the immigration crisis roiling Europe will not stop sub-Saharan Africans from trying to cross the MediterraneanThey say only Western economic development assistance in the migrants' source countries will helpJamie Dettmer has more.

"Italy's Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, announced Monday he will ask the European Union to set up migrant processing camps in Libya to help abate the migration crisis roiling his country and impacting the whole continent."

Italy is struggling to accommodate a wave of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya, and France, Austria and Switzerland have started to send sub-Saharan migrants back to Italy if they first entered Europe thereRenzi says Europeans must share the burden and migrants should be distributed fairly across the continent. Jamie Dettmer, Tripoli."

Taking a brief look at market activities, on Wall Street, U-S stock indexes ended the day higher today, European markets were mixedAsias markets were down on Tuesday.

Im Dave DeForest in Washington. Thats the latest world news from VOA.

Key Phrases/Words

1. death sentence n. 死刑

2. conspiricy n. 阴谋,共谋,反叛

3. erosion n. 糜烂,烧蚀, 腐蚀

4. coup d'etat n. 政变,武力夺取政权

5. severely injured 严重受伤

6. repatriated v. 把(某人)遣送回国,遣返( repatriate的过去式和过去分词 )

7. lawmaker 立法者

8. cyberattack n. 网络攻击

9. magnate  n. 巨头; 富豪,权贵,大资本家

10. candidacy n. 候选人资格,候选人的地位

11. record-low 历史最低

12. mount v. 增加,上升

13. abate v. 减少,减轻

14. a wave of 一波,一阵

15. take a brief look 匆匆一看,大体一看,快速浏览



一主要城镇被夺回: 叙利亚人权观察组织称,库尔德士兵和叙利亚叛军完全控制了叙利亚边境重镇塔比德。据称,他们已将伊斯兰国军队从该镇赶出。








美国立法者们周二尖锐抨击政府雇佣技术官员,却不能有效防止最近的黑客攻击。这次黑客行为,造成至少420万在职和离任的联邦工作人员个人信息被盗,极有可能还有几百万人面临同样处境。国会议员杰森 查斐兹指责政府人力机构负责官员凯瑟琳 阿丘利塔时称,人力资源管理办公室的工作形同于无。

又一位共和党人加入2016美国总统大选。周二,房地产大亨、亿万富翁唐纳德 特朗普在纽约的摩天大楼里宣布参加竞选。