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In a practical demonstration of increased security cooperation, Pakistan's military says its troops crossed the border Tuesday to rescue an Afghan soldier who was critically wounded. Ayaz Gul reports.

"A brief military statement says Pakistani troops moved into action "quickly" after Afghan authorities requested the "evacuation and treatment" of the soldierThe cross-border rescue operation took place in eastern Afghanistan opposite the Pakistani Bajur tribal district. Army officials say that a "severely injured" member of the Afghan National Army was briefly treated at a medical facility near the border before he was repatriated to his country in an Afghan helicopter. Pakistan and Afghanistan have increased border security cooperation in recent months while political relations have expandedAyaz Gul, Islamabad.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. severely injured 严重受伤

2. repatriated v. 把(某人)遣送回国,遣返( repatriate的过去式和过去分词 )