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Margaret Besheer has more. "Israel's seven-week long war in Gaza killed over 2,200 people, mainly Palestinians. The Israel Defense Forces launched the offensive last July to cripple Hamas militants from firing rockets indiscriminately into its territory. In an earlier draft of the U.N. report written by Mr. Ban's Special Representative for Children and Conflict, Israel and Hamas were both reported to be included in the annex --which names and shames the worst violators. Neither party appeared in Monday's final report sent to members of the Security Council, which Philippe Bolopion of Human Rights Watch attributed to political pressure. Margaret Besheer, the United Nations."

Key Phrases/Words

1. cripplefrom... 意为削弱…,使其不能做…

2. indiscriminately adv. 无差别,任意地,不分青红皂白地