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U.S. President Barack Obama's trade agenda scored a victory Thursday when senators advanced a bill to facilitate approval of the Pacific Rim free trade pactMichael Bowman reports.

The 62-38 vote exceeded the three-fifths majority required and all but assures final Senate passage of Trade Promotion Authority or TPA, for which only a simple majority is required. That vote could come as early as FridayTPA, also known as "fast track," would speed approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership ((TPP)) of nations that account for about 40 percent of global economic output. Michael Bowman, the capital.”

Key Phrases/Words

TPA, Trade Promotion Authority贸易促进授权法案

TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership 泛太平洋伙伴关系协定

economic output经济总量

Pacific Rim free trade pact环太平洋自由贸易协定

advance a bill 提交议案