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The U.S. military continued searching Wednesday for a marine core helicopter that disappeared in Nepal while taking part in earthquake relief operations. The spokesman for the US Pacific Command said the helicopter was missing late Tuesday near the village of Cheriekar in one of the areas hardest hit by Tuesdays magnitude-7.3 quake. Hundreds of Nepali troops are participating in the search along with their craft from the U.S

Im Dave DeFrost in Washington. Thats the latest world news from VOA.

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relief :救援


美国军方周三继续搜寻在参与尼泊尔抗震救灾行动中失踪的美国海军陆战队直升机。美国太平洋司令部发言人称该架直升飞机于上周二在Cheriekar 村庄附近失踪。这个村庄是周二7.3级地震发生的重灾区之一。成百上千的尼泊尔军队正在与来自美国的军队共同开展搜救行动。

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