VOA常速新闻:2015-03-27 六国要求伊朗终止铀浓缩

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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I'm Ray Kouguell reporting.

Co-pilot crashed GermanWings plane on purpose.

The co-pilot of the Germanwings passenger jet that crashed in the French Alps earlier this week deliberately sent it downLisa Bryant reports:

Marseille Prosecutor Brice Robin says German co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was alone in the cockpit when he deliberately took the Germanwings craft off autopilot and activated the descent that led to crashing into a mountainside on Tuesday. At a press conference in Marseille, Robin said that at this point in time, the most plausible explanation was the copilot wanted to deliberately destroy the plane. The prosecutor stressed this was a preliminary conclusion based on the last half hour of conversation between the pilot and co-pilot retrieved from the cockpit voice recorder. Lisa Bryant for VOA News, Paris.

While recovery teams probe the wreckage for victims' remains and other clues, family and friends of the passengers and crew are making their way to the crash site

Saudi warplanes bombed key military installations in Yemen on Thursday while leading an offensive involving Gulf Arab allies and others in the region in support of internationally backed President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The airstrikes targeted sites around the main airport in the capital, Sana'a and damaged homes in the area.

Police in Uganda say they have received "credible information" that Somali militant group al-Shabab is planning an attack in the capital, Kampala. The warning Thursday follows a similar message from the U.S. embassy in Kampala a day earlierPolice say al-Shabab may target public places such as hotels, malls, markets and parksThis is VOA News.

Iraqi forces carried out operations to recapture the city of Tikrit on Thursday, hours after warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition launched airstrikes on Islamic State targets in the city. An Iraqi military officer told the Associated Press that clashes intensified as Iraqi troops and special forces moved toward the center of Tikrit.

Nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran resumed Thursday in Switzerland with a deadline for an agreement just days awayU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said before his meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif that the alternative to a deal is letting Iran expand its nuclear program "full speed ahead.

The U.S. and its P5 Plus 1 partners -- Britain, China, France, Russia, and Germany -- have a March 31st  deadline for a framework deal with Iran. The deadline has already been extended twiceThe six partners want Iran to curb its uranium enrichment program to prevent it from being able to build a nuclear weapon. In exchange, devastating economic sanctions on Iran would be lifted.

New research finds Ebola progresses more quickly and is more likely to be fatal for children under the age of five than for adultsLisa Schlein has more:

The findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine show Ebola has affected about 4,000 children under age 16 in the epidemic raging in West AfricaThis is around one fifth of the nearly 25,000 cases of the disease confirmed by the World Health Organization. Authors of the report say they do not know how many of the more than 10,300 Ebola deaths are among children. Several clinical trials of Ebola vaccines and drugs currently are underway in the three disease-stricken West African countries. Lisa Schlein for VOA News, Geneva.”

Nigeria's president and his main challenger have released a statement pledging to respect the outcome of Saturday's election as long as it is "free, fair and credible." President Goodluck Jonathan and his opponent Mohammadu Buhari also called on Nigerians to refrain from violence or any acts that may jeopardize the election's credibility.

The human rights group Amnesty International says Palestinian militants committed war crimes during last year's war in Gaza, months after the agency made the same charge against Israel. Amnesty said in a new report Thursday that militants, including Hamas, killed Israeli and Palestinian civilians with unguided rockets and mortars. Amnesty issued a report in November, accusing Israel of war crimes by firing missiles into Gaza, killing entire families and destroying homes.

President Vladimir Putin says that Russia must grow stronger, accusing the West of trying to "destabilize" the country. He spoke to senior officials of the Federal Security Servicethe country's main security agency. Im Ray Kouguell in Washington. Thats the latest world news from VOA.







沙特军用机,在领导一次有海湾阿拉伯盟国及其他地区国家参与的攻势中,于周四轰炸了也门主要的军事基地,以支持国际社会支持的Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi总统。空袭目标围绕着首都萨那主机场,也毁坏了附近房屋。



美国与伊朗的核谈判,周四在瑞士重启,几天后就是达成合约的截至日期。美国国务卿约翰 克里称,除了与伊朗外长穆罕默德 贾瓦德 扎里夫会谈外,另一种方法则是让伊朗“全速前进”其核计划。