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Votes are being counted in Nigeria's presidential and parliamentary elections. The Independent National Electoral Commission says about 350 polling units were opened Sunday, after delays and technical problems on Saturday. Opposition supporters disputed results from Rivers state even before they were announced.  Riot police are on the scene at the Independent National Electoral Commission office in Port Harcourt, where hundreds of opposition supporters are demonstrating over what they say were voting irregularities. President Goodluck Jonathan, up for reelection, was challenged by Muhammadu Buhari, a former military general.

尼日利亚总统和议会选举的计票工作正在进行。独立的全国选举委员会称,在周六的延迟和技术故障之后,350个投票点在周日公布。在他们宣布之前,反对派支持者就对河流州的选票存有争议。在Harcourt港,防爆警察已经在独立全国选举委员会的办公楼前待命。现场聚集了许多声称选举违法而游行示威的反对派支持者。再次提名竞选的总统Goodluck Jonathan受到前军方将领Muhammadu Buhari的挑战。