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From Washington, this is VOA news.

I'm Dave DeForest reporting.

Afghan and U-S leaders hold talks: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah opened talks with U.S. officials at the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland Monday. Mr. Ghani said that Afghanistan's "partnership with the United States is foundational."  He also spoke in an exclusive VOA interview...

We have mutual interests and are faced with common threats.  Given that, we have to create the type of co-ordination and co-operation that both insures Afghanistans national interests and secures United Statesvital interests in the region. “

Mr. Ghani was heard through an interpreter.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says Arab states will take measures against Yemen's Houthi rebels if a solution cannot be found to end their fight against the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Meanwhile, Yemen Foreign Minister Riad Yassin said Mr. Hadi was asking neighboring Arabian Gulf countries to intervene militarily against the rebels.   Forces loyal to the rebels appeared Monday to have been stopped in their drive south towards the south as we hear from Edward Yeranian .

Residents of Yemen's third largest city, Taiz, jeered a convoy of Houthi rebel fighters Monday outside a special forces base, demanding they withdraw.  The rebels appeared to consolidate their grip on Taiz, but were pushed back as they tried to advance further south. A tribal fighter battling the Houthi forces trying to punch through to Aden insisted he and his men would sooner die than allow the Houthis to enter the south of the country. Edward Yeranian for VOA news, Cairo.”

Military forces aligned with Libya's internationally recognized government shot down a warplane Monday.  The plane was flown by airmen linked to a rival Islamist government.

This is VOA news.

U.S. President Barack Obama is calling for free and fair elections in Nigeria this Saturday.  He called for Nigerians to reject the violence that has marred the country's previous elections. In a video released Monday by the U.S. embassy in Abuja, President Obama said successful elections are key to stopping the insurgent group Boko Haram and allowing more than a million displaced Nigerians to return to their houses. VOA's Peter Clottey was asked about reaction to Mr. Obama's statement.

Both parties welcome it.  When I spoke with them earlier today, they all referred me to an agreement that both President Goodluck Jonathan and the opposition leader General (retired) Muhammadu Buhari signed promising to ensure that their supporters do not engage in acts of violence.”

VOA's Peter Clottey is covering the Nigerian election from Abuja.

Thousands of mourners have gathered outside the Prime Minister's official residence in Singapore to lay flowers and pay their respects to the country's founder, Lee Kuan Yew.  Mr. Lee died early Monday at the age of 91. He had been hospitalized with pneumonia.  This man spoke of the former leader's strength...

He doesnt bow down to--you know--threats and fear and things like that. He went ahead with what he decided on.  So, and of course giving us what we have to be as well.  Like I was telling somebodyrightI wouldnt be cycling here today without forwithout him and his policies.”

Singapore's prime minister's office said Mr. Lee, who ruled the island nation from 1959 to 1990, "passed away peacefully."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he regrets issuing a warning to his supporters during the country's recent election that Arab voters were heading to the polls "in droves." At an event at the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem, Mr. Netanyahu told members of the Arab community he recognizes the comment hurt Israeli Arabs.  He said that was not his intention.    

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz announced Monday he is a candidate for president in the 2016 elections in the  United States.  Cruz made his candidacy official via Twitter just after midnight Monday."

Ukraine again accused pro-Russian separatists Monday of violating the cease-fire agreement the two sides signed in Minsk.  A military official said the rebels had fired rockets and artillery at Ukrainian military positions in the eastern part of the country.

Greeces Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks Monday in Berlin.  Those talks were aimed at bridging sharp differences over Greece's tenuous economic future.

On Wall Street, U-S stock indexes closed down today.

In Washington, Im Dave DeForest.

Thats the latest world news from VOA.


Dave DeForest为您报道。

阿富汗与美国领导人展开会谈:周一,阿富汗总统Ashraf Ghani以及首席执行官Abdullah Abdullah在位于马里兰州戴维营的总统休假地与美国官员举行谈话。Ghani表示阿富汗与美国的合作关系是根基。他同时也接受了VOA的独家采访。




“也门第三大城市Taiz的居民周一在特种部队基地外嘲讽一支胡塞叛乱武装分子,并要求他们撤军。叛乱分子似乎加强了对Taiz的控制,但在他们试图向更南进发时被击退。一名与胡塞武装分子战斗,试图将他们击退到Aden的部落战士声称,他和战友宁死也不会让胡塞武装进入也门南部地区。美国之音新闻,Edward Yeranian开罗报道。”



美国总统贝拉克•奥巴马呼吁即将在本周六举行的尼日利亚选举要以公开公正为原则。他呼吁尼日利亚人民要抵制暴力,不要像国家上几次的选举因为暴力而失败。周一美国驻阿布贾大使馆放出的一段视屏,奥巴马总统表示一次成功的选举对于阻止博科圣地叛乱分子和100多万背井离乡的尼日利亚人重返家乡至关重要。VOA记者Peter Clottey被问及对奥巴马此话的回应。

“双方都赞成这个观点。在今天早些时候对他们的采访中,他们都向我提到了Goodluck Jonathan和反对派领导 Muhammadu Buhari将军(已退休)签署的合约,他们承诺自己的支持者将不再进行任何暴力活动”。

VOA记者Peter Clottey于阿布贾为您报道尼日利亚选举。




以色列总理Benjamin Netanyahu于周一表示,他后悔在最近的国家大选中对他的支持者发布关于阿拉伯选民会们成群结队地来投票的警告 。”在耶路撒冷总理官邸举办的一场活动上,Netanyahu先生向阿拉伯社区的成员表示他认识到这些言论伤害了阿拉伯裔以色列人。他表示这并非他的本意。

美国参议员Ted Cruz于周一宣布自己成为2016年美国大选的总统候选人。周一午夜后,Cruz通过Twitter正式发表其候选人资格。