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Liberia is reporting more Ebola deaths than any other country in the West Africa outbreak--at least 413 have died from the virus.  An Ebola isolation unit in the capital, Monrovia, came under attack Saturday just hours after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spent the day with education teams in several of the city's effected communities.  VOA's Anne Look has details:

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says they can beat Ebola. "Stay in your area. Don't move to another place. Wait until you get treatment. If everybody were to follow that one, then we can start to bring this thing down." The president accompanied awareness teams to two of the hardest hit communities around the capital. Hundreds of people showed up to listen.  This is West Africa's first Ebola outbreak. People are still learning what it is.  In Liberia, families continue to hide their sick at home. Health workers and facilities have come under attack. President Sirleaf told reporters earlier that day that some people are still refusing to believe Ebola is real. Anne Look, VOA News, Dakar