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A second major airline has suspended flights to parts of West Africa because of the deadly Ebola outbreak in the region. British Airway is suspending flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone until August 31st. The Dubai-based airline Emirates suspended its service to Guinea on August 2nd. The three countries are the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak thats killed almost 900 people this year.

A second US missionary who contracted Ebola in Liberia arrived back in the United States Tuesday. Nancy Writebol traveled on a specially outfitted plane landing in the southeastern city of Atlanta, Georgia shall be treated in Emory University hospital, alongside an American doctor who also contracted the deadly virus while treating patients in Liberia.

由于部分西非国家爆发了致命的埃博拉病毒,第二大航空公司已经暂停了飞往该地的航线。 英国航空公司暂停飞往利比亚和塞拉利昂的航线直到8月31日。迪拜阿联酋航空公司在8月2日暂停了飞往几内亚的航班服务.。这三个国家是埃博拉病毒爆发的中心地带,疫情在今年已经造成了超过900人死亡。