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BBC news with Illy Mckue.
In his final address to the general assembly, the United Nations secretary general has blamed the Syrian government for the majority of civilian death during the countrys five-year civil war, but Ban Ki-moon also said those who supported both Syrian government and rebels had blood on their hands. The UN has said that it was informed of Mondays attack on an aid convoy near Aleppo as it unfolded and appealed in vain for it to stop. It had since suspended aid deliveries.
President Obama is hosting a summit on refugees on the sidelines of the UN general assembly. Hes called for more funds for humanitarian appeals and hes urged countries to take in more refugees and President Obama has used his final speech to the United Nations general assembly to call for greater cooperation between nations. Mr. Obama warns that retreating into isolationism would only spur conflicts. He also attacked a growing current of populism.
A panel of experts has found that gross human rights violation has been committed in Burundi, mainly by agents of the state. A new report for the UN human rights council said that given the countrys history, the danger of genocide loomed large.
The father of the detained suspect in the weekend bomb attack in New York and New Jersey says he told the FBI in 2014 that his son was a terrorist, a claim he later retracted. Mohammad Rohami said he contacted police after a domestic dispute in which his son Ahemad Kahn was involved.
People in Sweden are being encouraged to make do amend with the offer of tax breaks if they repair old appliances, clothes and bicycles. Its also imposing a charge on new products to cover disposal of their non-recyclable components.
And Hollywoods most famous couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are to divorce. A lawyer for Angelina Jolie said she had initiated the action. BBC news.