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BBC News with x.
The United Nations' Special Envoy to Syria, x, says the temporary ceasefire, declared on Monday, has led to a significant drop in hostilities. He said the priority now was to get a convoy of relief supplies into rebel-held neighborhoods in Aleppo.
A parliamentary report in Britain has severely criticized the British and French intervention that helped to overthrow x in Libya in 2011. The report says that France overstated the danger to civilians when the x government countered rebellion.
Israel's former president, x, who's 93, is said, by his office, to be in a serious but stable condition in hospital near Tel Aviv, after suffering a major stroke. He is in an induced coma.
A spokesman for the Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency, Hillary Clinton, has said she'll resume campaigning on Thursday, after taking time off to recuperate from pneumonia. Mrs. Clinton almost collapsed after a ceremony on Monday commemorating the September 11 attacks.
The Attorney-General in New York State has begun investigating what he called possible impropriety by Donald Trump's charitable foundation. It's thought x, who backs Hillary Clinton for the presidency, will look at an illegal campaign contribution that Donald J. Foundation made to Florida's Attorney-General, a Trump supporter.
x, the American soldier jailed for passing classified files to the Wiki Leaks website, has ended the hunger strike she began five days ago, saying the Army has assured her she will get gender reassignment surgery. In a statement, the Private, previously known as x, applauded the military for, as she put it, finally doing the right thing.