BBC英语新闻: 基因研究表明长颈鹿有四大物种

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BBC News with x.
The French Interior Minister, x, says three women have been detained on suspicion of planning imminent terror attacks, after a car packed with gas x was found in Central Paris. He said the women had been radicalized.
Brazilian police say they want to speak to the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, in connection with an alleged illegal ticketing scheme during last month's Rio Games. The police say he's been treated as a witness, not a suspect.
More than 70 Syrian aid agencies have accused UN Organizations of allowing themselves to be manipulated by President Bashar al-Assad's government. They are demanding an investigation in the extent of government's influence over the Damascus-based U.N. network.
Reports say a senior commander of one of the most powerful Is lamist rebel groups in Syria has been killed in an air strike. The x group, previously known as the x, said the commander was killed in Aleppo.
The Pentagon has revealed that U.S. forces in Afghanistan carried out a failed attempt to rescue two hostages last month. A spokesman said a number of hostile forces were killed, but the hostages were not at the location.
50 people are spending the night stranded inside cable cars at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters over the Mount x in the Alps. More than 100 people were initially trapped, but 60 have been evacuated by helicopter.
A study into the genetic make up of giraffe has discovered there are four distinct species. DNA analyses in Namibia found that the four groups have not cross-bred for millions of years, and therefore evolved into distinct species.
The Ethiopian athlete, x, has arrived in the United States, weeks after he made a gesture against his government, as he crossed the line to win silver in the men's marathon at last month's Olympics. After his gesture-made headlines, x, an ethnic x, said he would prefer to seek asylum in the U.S., as he feared being killed or imprisoned if he returned to Ethiopia.
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