BBC英语新闻: 奥巴马认为中国必须遵从南海领土判决

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BBC News with Nick Kelly

President Obama says China must obey an International Tribunal ruling against its territorial claims in the South China Sea. Addressing a summit of Asian leaders in Laos, Mr. Obama said the x ruling by the Tribunal in the Hague had helped clarify maritime rights in the region. China refuses to recognize the judgment.
President Obama has had a brief meeting with his Philippine counterpart, x, in Laos, days after the controversial politician called the U.S. leader the son of a whore.
Donald Trump has again praised the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, during campaigning for November's U.S. presidential election. In a question-and-answer session with military veterans, he said Mr. Putin was more of a leader than President Obama.
The Paralympics have officially opened in Brazil, with a spectacular ceremony promoting the theme of inclusion. Brazil's president was booed by the crowd during his brief appearance.

Nepal and India have urged China to share more information on glacial lakes and river in Tibet to help them plan for flash floods. In July, houses in a Nepali town were swept away by a sudden flood.
Britain's Prime Minister, Teresa May, is due to meet the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, in London today, ahead of next week's meeting of E.U. heads of government. The Summit in x will be the first to take place without the U.K. in the wake of the Brexit vote.
Defense ministers from more than 80 countries will attend a peacekeeping conference in London today. It follows a commitment last year from a number of countries to provide more troops for U.N peace keeping operations around the world.
And U.S. media say that the disgraced American swimmer, x, has been suspended for ten months by the country's Olympic Committee. x was charged in Brazil with falsely reporting a crime after making up a story about being robbed during the Rio Olympics.
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