BBC英语新闻: 世界卫生组织修订了曾前往寨卡病毒地区人员的指导方针

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BBC news with Justin Green.

The World Health organization has revised its guidance to people who have visited part of the world affected by the Zika virus. It said men and women returning from these areas should practice safer sects or abstenance for six months, the virus is priamrily spread by mosquitoes, but there is mounting evidence that sexual transmation is more common than once thought.

The Fox news channel in the United States has settled the sex harrasement complained against its former chief executives Roger Ailes. Mr.Ailes denied allegations for one of the famous anchors Grechy Corson that he made sex advances to her, more than 20 women complained of similar treatment, Mrs.Corson is thought to have accepted 20 million dollars from Fox.

Rescue workers in the rebel held side of the Syrian city Aleppo say government helicopters carried a clauren gas attack using barrel bombs, dozens of people were reportedly left struggling to breath. The government has denied previous accusations that it have used chemical weapons.

Nigara Guah has gone to political asylum to the former president EL Salvador Meritseo Funnets who is facing allegation of corruption and money laundering at home. Mr.Funnets move to Nigara Guah three months ago after prosecutors opened a case against him, but said he wasn't evading justice.

The government of Madagarsgo is ordered an investigation after what it discovered that past six years famers have been fatening pigs by injecting with contraceptive for women. Most pork and bacon being sold contain traces of the drug, the contraceptive is now banned.

Israeli archaeologists believe they managed to reconstitute the patterns use in tiles that decorated the ancient Jewish second temple, some 600 bits of stones flooring were on earth from the site, the archaeology said they have identified seven potential design.

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