BBC英语新闻: 中国旗舰航空公司被视为"种族主义者"

来源:普特英语听力 2019-02-20



BBC news with Johnathan Izard.
Donald Trump says he would expand all areas of America's military if he becomes US president in November. The Republican called for more soldiers, planes,ships and marines. Hes also promising he will quickly devise a plan to destroy the Islamic State group.
The Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray has resigned a week after Donald Trump's controversial trip to the country. Mr. Videgaray was widely seen as the politician who coordinated presidential hopefuls highly unpopular visit.
US official say a Russian fighter plane flew dangerously close about three meters to one of its navy reconnaissance aircraft operating over the Black Sea on Wednesday. Russia's Defense Ministry says the US plane had its transponder switched off and that its own pilots adhered strictly to international rules. Russia is carrying out military exercises in the Black Sea
Representatives from Syria's main political opposition grouping have set out their most detailed suggestions yet on how to end more than five years of civil war. The proposals from the Saudi-backed higher negotiations committee envisage President Bashar Al-Assad stepping down after a first six-month-transition phase, something he has always insisted he won't do.
The world renowned Turkish pianist Fazıl Say has been acquitted of blasphemyb y court in Istanbul after a four-year legal battle. Mr. Say was accused of insulting religious beliefs. The case heightened concern among more secular Turks, worried about what they see as a growing influence of Islam in daily life.
Security officials and local sources in Northeastern Nigeria say there have been deadly clashes between two factions of the Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram. Recently the Islamic State group announced that Boko Haram had a new leader sparking clashes with supporters of the former one.
China's flagship airline has been labeled racist when telling passengers traveling to London to be careful in areas populated by Indians, Pakistanis and Black people. The advice in English and Chinese was in an in-flight magazine produced by Air China. BBC news.