BBC英语新闻: 中国首座迪士尼主题公园在上海举办,美国大赞

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South Africa is marking the 40th anniversary of the start of the Soweto Uprising when thousands of black students marched against being forced to learn in the Africaan's Languge.
It was a turning point in the fight against white minority rule. Hundreds of people died in the violence that followed has the apartheid government suppressed the protesters. Saff Maziboco was a student leader at the time. He said the intense level of the oppression caused the students to revolt
Not only with the students feeling the pain of being forced to learn in Africaans, the language of the oppressor, but also the students were feeling the system itself that was led by those who were oppressing them. So it was a practical feeling of students exploding
Human Rights Watch has accused Ethiopia security forces of killing more than 400 people and arresting tens of thousands to quell protests by the EROMO ethnic group that began last November. The demonstrations were triggered by a proposal to expand the capital Addis Ababa. Emanual Egenza reports.
Then what is one of the most comprehensive since the protest began late last year? Some of those interviewed alleged to have been hung by the alchohols and beaten while others described having electric shocks applied to their feet while in detention. Several women also claimed to have been raped and sexually assaulted. The government has dismissed a report and says and independent study carried out by the country's human rights *** has established the number of deaths to 117.
A US Democratic Party Senator has led a philibuster for more than 14 hours in a bit of false evode on tougher gun control. Senator Christmas. E yielded the floor in the early hours of the morning, saying the Senate would hold a vote on the issue. He launched the philibuster in frustration and the Republican's reluctance to debate greater gun controls, following Sunday's massacre at a gay night club in Florida. Horry Booker, Senator for New Jersey, was among those who spoke
There is a dream in this land with its back against the wall. To save the dream for one, we must save the dream for all. How many of our children's dreams must be destroyed by gun violence before we do the common sense things we agree on to begin to shrink those numbers. It's not clear one of those might take place.
The World Anti-Doping Agency says Russia has continued to obstruct its efforts to carry out drug tests on athletes. In report issued ahead of the decision on whether they will be allowed to take part in the Rio Olympics. Walter said hundreds of tests had been declined or canceled this year and this official has faced intimidation from the security services. Russian athletes were banned from international competition last November.
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Thai police arrived at a wealthy Buddhist temple north of the capital Bangkok to arrest its influential Abbot Friat Tamiachow. He is accused of embezzling funds and money laundering worth 14 million dollars. He had rejected several police demands to report for questioning. Calls are growing for greater oversight of Thailand's temples after recent scandals and corruption investigations involving monks.
The first Disneyland Theme Park in Mainland China is opening to the public in Shanghai. The US entertainment giant has descried as the biggest step it has ever taken. From Shanghai, here is Robin Brant.
It looks like Disney, it sounds like Disney, with the smiling hello from every staff member, but Park No. 6 is different. This time Mickey Mouse 'Milaoshu' as it's known here is communist party-approved. It's taken 17 years and 5.5 billion dollars but Disney has had support from the very top. This is a joint venture with government controlled companies, as somewhere unusual for Disney. This is also a major push to target the 330 million of China's growing rich middle class who live within a three-hour drive of the park.
As well as the characters made famous by Disney films that resort with flex aspects with local cultural, including a Chinese Zodiac themed garden and **** with Chinese acrobats.
The Chinese App-based taxi service Didi Chuxing Technology, a key rival to the American right-hailing company Uber, says it's raised 7.3 billion dollars in its latest round of funding. It says it will use the money to research in new business opportunities and upgrade its technology.
Two Britain's biggest public health organizations have urged the government to decriminalize the use of all illegal drugs. The Royal Society for Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health say the war on drugs such as heroin, cocaine and cannabis has failed. They argue for a greater focus on treatment and education.