BBC英语新闻: 奥巴马对美国共和党总候选人予以重击,多纳德回应枪击

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President Obama has launched a strong attack on the U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump's response to the Orlando shootings. During a speech at the White House, Mr. Obama said Mr. Trump's proposed ban on Muslims traveling to America would fuel the extremist propaganda and make the country less safe. x has more. Mr. Obama avoided uttering Donald Trump's name. But the billionaire's demand after the Orlando massacre that he should resign as president for refusing to use the term radical Islam has clearly enraged him. So there is no magic to the phrase 'radical Islam'. It's a political talking point. It's not a strategy. From Donald Trump, a tougher-worded response, to question the president's patriotism. He claimed to know our enemy, he said, and yet he continues to prioritise our enemy over our allies, and for that matter, the American people. This was an attempt by Mr. Obama to use the full power of his office to prevent Donald Trump from ever occupying it.

A heavily-armed man arrested in California on his way to a Los Angeles gay Pride Parade on Sunday has been charged with illegal possession of weapons. x, who's twenty, was taken into custody. The authorities say there is no apparent link to the massacre in Orlando, which happened on the same day.

Democratic Party officials in the U.S. say Russian government hackers have breached the Party's computer network to obtain research on Donald Trump. The officials said that email and check traffic had been stolen, but no personal or financial information. Russia has denied it was involved in the hacking. x in Washington has more details. A looks at Russian hackers were able to take information on Donald Trump's, the oppo-file, the Democratic oppo-file, which is opposition information, dirt on Donald Trump. And access it, and possibly even access Donald Trump's servers and Hillary Clinton's servers. It's embarrassing for the Democrats. And it's a particular sore point for Hillary Clinton, who was at an ongoing scandal over her personal email server while she was secretary of state. So this just brings all that back to the circus.

An emergency committee of the World Health Organisation has concluded that there is a very low risk of the international spread of the zika virus, which has been linked to birth defects, as a result of holding the Olympics in Brazil. There had been calls for the Rio Games to be postponed or moved. Dr. x is the Executive Director of the WHO's Outbreaks and Health Emergencies Cluster. The Committee concluded that there is a very low risk of further international spread of zika virus as a result of the Olympics and Paralympics. At the same time, this risk is even lower, because in winter, the intensity of transmission of verbal viruses in Brazil, and that includes the most x September, is at its lowest.

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A former government minister in Argentina has been arrested, after he was spotted trying to hide millions of dollars worth of cash and jewels in a monastery. Officials said nuns working in the religious community near Buenos Aires called the police after they saw a man throwing plastic bas full of money over a wall. He turned out to be x, who was the public works minister in the former government of x.

The United States says it's deeply troubled by the decision of the government of Bahrain to suspend the main Shiite opposition group, x. A State Department spokesman asked Bahrain to reconsider, what it called, an alarming decision by the gulf state, which is ruled by a Sunni monarchy. x is the biggest political voice for the Shiite majority, who believe they face discrimination and marginalisation.

A jury in Los Angeles has begun hearing a civil lawsuit claiming that x stole the x for their classic hit, The Way to Heaven. Members of the legendary British band have denied that the song was copied from a 1967 instrumental, called x, by the U.S. band, Spirit. x reports. At an earlier hearing, U.S. district judge, x, ruled that the two pieces of music were similar enough to let a jury decide whether guitarist, x, and lead singer, x, had infringed copyright. Smartly dressed in sober suits and ties, the two rock stars arrived early at the courtroom in Los Angeles for the start of the case, which has been brought by a trust in the name of Spirit's late guitarist, x California. x insists that the x are a common musical convention and were not protected by copyright.

The Speaker of the Colombian Senate has canceled a debate of a bill, proposing harsher sanctions for members of Congress, who are frequently absent, because an insufficient number of legislators turned up. Absenteeism is often used as a strategy by Colombian legislators to put pressure on the government.

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