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June 11,2016

Hello, I'm x with theBBC News.

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has appealed for global help to deal with the refugee crisis. Mr. Tusk said the G7 industrialised nations want a resettlement scheme set up acround the world. x is in Japan. President Tusk said geography meant that Europe would have to take most responsibility for dealing with the migration crisis. And he said the numbers coming across from Libya to Italy in the last few days were not encouraging. But he said the international community had to recognise that this was also a global crisis. So he urged world leaders at the G7 Summit here in Japan to provide more financial assistance, particularly to countries hosting most refugees. He said that Turkey, Jordan and Lebannon, where millions have fled from Syria, were providing a global good. And they should be supported by the global financial community.

Amid heavy security, a judge in Uganda is delivering his verdict in the case of 13 men, accused of being behind deadly bombings by the Somali Islamist group, Al-Shabab. More than 70 people were killed in Kampala as they watched screenings of the 2010 Football World Cup. x reports. This was a major investigation across East Africa, which was led by the American FBI. Five Ugandans, six Kenyans and two Tanzanians are on trial, charged with terrorism and murder. All of them have pleaded not guilty. If the men are found guilty, they could face the death penalty.

France looks set to face further disruption to its energy supplies today, with more strikes against controversial labour reforms. The CGT Union said workers at sixteen of France's nineteen nuclear plants had voted to join the industrial action. The Prime Minister, x, has insisted that the government will not withdraw its reforms. But in a television interview, he raised the prospect that some modifications might be made.

Crude oil prices have risen above the 50 dollar mark for the first time in nearly 7 months. x explains why. The price of oil has recovered substantially from its recent lows. But it's still less than half the level it reached two years ago. The rise in recent months reflects disruptions in supplies. Militant attacks on oil facilities in Nigeria, fires in Canada, and American share oil producers cutting back production. The news which pushed the price over the 50-dollar threshold was a report that stocks of crude oil in the U.S. were lower than thought. Many analysts think the price rally may be limited, if it encourages the U.S. industry to reverse those earlier production cutbacks.

A Cheveron oil facility in Nigeria has come under attack from militants. The American firm is reported to have shut down all of the onshore activities as a result. A group calling itself the x Delta Avengers said it'd blown up a pair of supply line. Local residents said there had been an explosion.

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The U.S. government accountability office has warned that America's nuclear arsenal is reliant on outdated computer systems, including some that still use floppy disks. x reports. You may have thought the floppy disk was now an historical artefact. But it turns out it's alive and well within the U.S. Defence Department, and used to store data in the system that communites with the different parts of America's nuclear deterrant. The 1970s technology is so limited that you need three million of them to approach the storage capacity of a ten-dollar USB memory stick. But the Pentagon isn't alone. U.S. social security systems are written in a computer language dating from the late 1950s, which fewer and fewer people are familiar with.

Oxford University Press has chosen refugee as its word of the year, among children, after an apparent dramatic increase in its use by young creative writers in Britain. The word popped up frequently among thousands of entries to this year's BBC Children Short Story Competition. x reports. Tales of families leaving Syria are bound in this year's stories. Wizard Storm, a monster from the x game also pops up, along with the big increase for x, a Scottish mythological creature, and x. This mystical world ruling conspiracy has leapt in popularity with 11-year-old boys. And when it comes to characters, William Shakespeare has made it into the Top10. He's just behind Hitler, who is someway behind the Top3, x Messi, Zeus, and that No.1, Santa.

Zoo keepers in the Canadian city of Toronto were continuing their search for two capybaras, which escaped from their enclosure on Tuesday. The giant South American rodents are thought to be hiding in nearby creeks, emerging only after dark.

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