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June 10,2016

I'm x with the BBC News. Hello.

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has appealed for global support to help with the refugee crisis. Speaking in Japan, where he's attending the G7 Summit, Mr. Tusk said those who criticised Europe's response to the mass influx of refugees should, instead, think about helping. We are aware that it is because of geography that the most responsibility is and will continue to be placed on Europe. However, we would also like the global community to show solidarity and recognise that this is a global crisis.

11 U.S. states are suing the Obama administration over its directive that public schools should let transgender students choose which toilet facilities to use. North Carolina recently passed a law saying transgender people should use the public lavatory that match the sex on their birth certificate. The administration has threatened to withdraw federal funding from schools if the law isn't revoked. x is a transwoman from Tennessee. She described her experiences. I was working at a x when I was transitioned. I was about 26 years old. And I was made to use the men's room, which was, in every way, an extremely unpleasant experience. There was yelling. There is nasty looks, x. There was the creepy behaviour. And this was all in a corporate environment. So one can only imagine what would happen to someone in the same situation in, for example, a high school.

The U.S. government accountability office, or GOA, says it's concerned that many federal activities, including the country's nuclear arsenal, urgently need to upgrade technologies. It said Pentagon's systems rely on 40-year-old computers and floppy disks. x is the director of the GOA's information technology team. The federal government, in any given years, spends annual about 80 billion dollars on IT. And when you look at that 80 billion dollars spent, 75% of that goes towards legacy systems, or what we call operations and maintenance. The remaining 25 goes towards new developments. So we spent too much on legacy systems, compared to what was spent on development. We can shift that trend a little bit.

The United Nations says it's managed to deliver food aid to nearly half civilians trapped in besieged areas of Syria, but that much more needs to be done. In a monthly report, U.S. officials said they provided food to 40% of those living under siege in April.

Hours after being released from prison in Azerbaijan, the prominent investigative journalist, x, has told the BBC that she'll not relent in her criticism of the government. She said she couldn't close her eyes to what was going on in Azerbaijan, and would not be silent. International human rights groups say x was prosecuted because she investigated the business dealings of President x's family.

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New research suggests that the global financial crisis of 2008 caused a sharp increase in cancer-related deaths in the 35 most developed countries. The study found that an additional 260,000 deaths occurred in the following two years. Here is x. Researchers used statistical analyses to examine the relationship between economic change and cancer mortality around the world. They found a clear correlation between higher unemployment and an increase in deaths from cancer. The link was especially clear for treatable forms of the disease, such as breast, prostate and bowel cancer. But in countries with universal healthcare systems, such as Britain and Spain, that link pretty much disappeared. The study was conducted by scientists of some of the world's top universities, including Oxford, Harvard and Imperial College London. The results were published in the Lancet medical journal.

The U.N. Security Council has voted unanimously to lift the last remaining sanctions on Liberia and end an arms embargo that was first put in place in 1992. Nearly a quarter of a million people were killed in Liberia's 14 years' civil war.

The celebrated Cameroonian singer, x, has died at the age of 84. Known as the Golden Voice of Cameroon, she enjoyed a career that spans six decades. Cameroon's Culture Minister, x, said x was a musical hero, who had used her talent to promote freedom from French colonial rule.

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