BBC英语新闻:法国劳工改革罢工 政府被迫动用战略储油

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June 8,2016

Hello, I am x with the BBC News.

The Afghan Taliban says it has appointed a new leader days after x was killedby an American drone strike in Pakistan. A Taliban spokesman named X as themovements new chief. Here is x. He is much more a religious leader than amilitary commander, which means he has the moral hefty authority if he like tobe acceptable to the Taliban rank and file. This is a period when the Taliban finditself a bit of crisis. Xs death has come as a major setback to the movementwhich is already weakened by factions and many will hope within the movement that X can unite the Taliban rank and file to take on the Afghan government and theUS military.

The UN mission in the Afghanistan says 11 civilians have been killed and 10 wounded ina suicide attack on the outskirts of capital Kabul. It said the casualties includedthe employees of the X provincial court. The Taliban says it carried out thebombing.

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to unlock another 11.5 billion dollarsin bailout fund to Greece. They also agree to phase in debt relief after Germany general election late in next year. X reports. This agreement ensuresthat Greece will be able to make an important debt repayment of avoiding what could otherwise have been an extremely disruptive default. For the longer term, thereis also an agreement to alleviate the burden of debt repayment to the Eurozonein the coming decades. There will be no reduction in the amount that Greece automaticallyhas to repay. But the Eurozone are prepared to extend the repayment period and capinterest rates. The International Monetary Fund considered debt reliefessential and is now willing to a financial contribution to the bail out.

A lawyerfor x, the Uk raine fight pilot jailed in Russia, has told the BBC he has goneto Russian city of X and made reports that she will be swapped there fortwo Russian captured in eastern Ukraine. The lawyer would not comment on thereports in the Russian media.

There has been online criticism of a Chinese official who says Taiwans newpresident has an emotional and extremist style because she is a single woman. TYWwhos operated last week has not commented yet. X reports. The Chinese officialthinks TYWs personal life has influenced her politics. He says she is the wayshe is, because she lacks the emotional burden of love that constrains herfamily and responsibility of children. He believes that makes her emotional personaland extreme. But many post online comments disagree, one called the remarkstupid and offensive. The attack on TYW reflects the concern felt in Beijing ather election. She leans towards independence of island China thinks it is part of its territory.

BBC news.

Trade unions in France have heartened the strike against the government proposed labor reforms. Workers of the oil refinery in the port x, who handle 40%of the countrys crude oil imports voted almost unanimously on Tuesday tocontinue their action. The French petrol industrys union said the government hasauthorized the use of strategic reserves. X reports. 6 Out of Frances 8oil refineries are now at standstill or operating below capacity, around 1in 5 petrol stations is awaiting supply. The government insists that theres noimminent risk of shortages, but theres a powerful psychological effect formore than news coverage of this dispute. The result is that many motorists arekeeping their tanks filled as a precaution, creating even more pressure on thesystem.

The Israeli ultra nationalist opposition politician x has reached an agreementto bring his Israeli x party into government. That ensures him become Israelsnew defense minister.

Demonstrators opposed Sir Donald Trump the presumptive Republic nominee for theUS presidency have clashed with police in the State of New Mexico where he washolding his latest rally. Protestors threw burning T-shirks carrying Trumpcampaign slogans along with stones and plastic bottles. Police in riot gearresponded with pepper spray and smoke grenades.

Theres been a sharp drop in antibiotics prescribed by doctors in England aftera government campaign to cut their use. Figures from National Health Service show edprescriptions were down 7% on the previous year, greatly exceeding the 1%target. Antibioticsoveruse globally is causing bacteria to become resistant,making it much harder to treat infections.

Those are the latest stories from the BBC world news.