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June 7,2016

I am x with the BBC News,hello.

Eurozone finance ministers agreed to unlock about11.5 billion dollars in bailout fund to Greece after late night talks in Brussels. They also agree to phase in debt relief in two-years-timeof Greek government and the International Monetary Fund. The ministerssaid the progress has been made possible by Greeces continued economic reforms. The Greek Finance Minister, x, welcomed the deal. Its an importantmoment for Greece after so much time we have now an agreement not only on there view and structure measures, but on that the two were collided into one. If were member in the summer we agreed the first, to finish the first review, andthen there would be a discussion on debt, but these two things have collided, andnow we have an overall package.

The Afghan Taliban says it has appointed a new leader following the killing of X by American drones on Saturday. The Taliban spokesman named X as the movements new head.

The Islamic State group is facing two separate major offensives trying to push it from territories at holds in Syria and Iraq.A Kurdish-led lines in north eastern Syria is trying to advance towards the ISsstrong hold of x. While in Iraq, government forces are continuing thereafter tore capture the city of x. From Beirut, x reports. Iraqi forces are continuingtheir offensives against x, a city whichs been under the tight control of theso-called the Islamic State for more than two years. Iraqi commander said the operationwas going to plan, but IS has launched a number of contrast tasks againstpro-government positions. Around hundreds of thousands civilians are thought tobe still inside the city. Over the board in Syria, another offensive againstthe IS is underway. Kurdish troops are fighting to the north of the city x,where IS is headquartered. The Syrian democratic forces, which also includeArab tribes, are abide by the American air power and weaponry.

Cuba's Communist government says it legalizing small and medium sized private businesses. Its the latest stage in a series of economic reforms. x reports,Cuba has now officially recognized the non-state sector, in one of the worldlast centrally planned economies. The last reform allow self-employment inseveral hundred job categories, many of these workers became small businessesand employed others. x has been tried to stimulate Cuba's stagnate economiesbut the reforms are face resistance from Cuban Communist Party hardliners whofear it could undermine the single party system. The economy is also opening upto foreign investment, with restriction last year of diplomatic relations withthe United States.

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The US Department of Justice says it will seek the death penalty for x, a whiteman accused of killing nine black parishioners at a historic church in SouthCarolina last June. x has more details. 22 year old x faces charges brought byboth US federal government and the state of South Carolina, he face 33 feder alcounts including hate crimes and firearm offences. He is accused of holdingwhiting profuse abuse, authority say he targeted the victims because of theirrace. America's top lawyer, US Attorney General x said the nature of the allegedcrime and the resulting harm compelled her decision to introduce death penaltyin the federal case, who is also charged with nine counts of murder in thestate court.

Demonstrators opposed Donald Trump the presumptive Republic nominee for the US presidencyhave clashed with police in the State of New Mexico where he was holding his latestrally. Protestors threw burning T-shirks carrying Trump campaign slogans alongwith stones and plastic bottles. Police in riot gear responded with pepperspray and smoke grenades. Inside the x convention center, protestors repeatedlyinterrupted Mr. Trump before being ejected by security guards. Some werearrested.

Chilean students posing as tourists to hold X protestagainst an education reform inside presidential palace in Santiago. Once the groupof least 20 got passed the entrance, they run to an off-limit area and unfold abanner sayingNotice, today begins the offensive”.

Theres gonna shop drop in antibiotics prescribed by doctors in England followinga government campaign to cut their use. Official figures showed prescriptions were down 7% on the previous year, greatly exceeding the 1% target. Over useglobally has causing bacteria to become resistant

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