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Jun 5,2016

Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC news.

The Greek authorities have started evacuating thousands of migrants and refugees from a camp near the Macedonian border, about 8000 migrants have been leaving at the camp for several months after Macedonia and other countries stopped them moving for the north. Yolande Knell REPORTS,The operation to evacuate Greece's biggest informal refugee camp began at dawn, and it is expected to take at least a week, there are hundreds of riot police on sight but say they won't use force. Journalists have been kept back as road block. The Greek authorities say the residence including large number of children will be moved to newly completed organized camps where asylum claims can be processed, however, many have been reluctant to leave as many for fearing to stay inside of the border.

President Obama has set out his plan for a stronger relationship with Vietnam after lifting a ban on arm sales that was the last big hurdle between the two countries. Mr Obama said improving ties 40 years after the end of Vietnam war, will be an example to the world of reconciliation, As Vietnam has strengthen forward serve the relationship between our two nations, in this way the very war that has divided us became a source for healing, it allow us to account for the missing and finally bring them home, it allowed us to help remove landmines and unexploded bombs, we continue to assist Vienamese with disbail it including children. We are also continuing the help remove age norge, diaccents so that Vietnam can reclaim more of your land.

Eritrea is celebrating the 25th anniversary of attending independence from Ethiopia, a milestone is being marked with straight parade in the capital Asmara. All people are apply for asylum in the EU from Eritrea than from any other African countries, but thousands from Diaspora have returned for the celebrations. Our Africa editor Marry Harper is there and sent this report, There are marching bands, bills dresed as butterflies, others is rebel fighters reanecting key moment of the war. Everay night, Asmara's main avenues sparkled with lights, Eritrea is wellknown as a country people run away from, but thousands from the Diaspora have come home to join the party, Mary Harper reporting.

Reports from Myanmar say dozens of people have feared to be burried under landslide at remote jade mine. An official in Kaqin state said at least 11 bodies were cold from the debris of the mine in Pekan.

The Mexican authorities have began exsuming the bodies of more than 100 crime victims burried in an unauthorized mass grave in the central state of Morelas. Investigators work under a yellow tent has families of missing persons and national human right commission representatives looked on.

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French police have used tear gas and water canon to clear striking workers who were blockading an oil refinery in Marseilles. The poplice and protesters throw missiles and set up burning barricades, the protesters are demonstrating against new labor laws.

An important  minister in Brazil's new government is stepping aside, after he was caught on tape allegedly conspiring to obstruct the country's biggest-ever corruption investigation. In the recordings which were released by a newspaper, the planning minister Romaru Ruka, appears to say the impeachment of the suspended president Dilma Roussef whcih stop investigations into the state oil giant Petrobras. Mr Ruka, who is closs ally of the intern president Michelle Temer, says his comments will take out of context, I am going to hand in the document to the public ministry, I am going to speak with presidnet Temer, I am going to ask for leave from the ministry untill the public ministry makes it declaration. My evecutives secretary will take resposibility for the ministry in  my place.

An investigation has been opened in Switzerland into a bank linked to suspected embazzlement of 4 billion dollars from the state investment fund in Malaysia. The BSI bank has been linked to Malaysian state fund 1MDB set up by teh prime minister Najeb Braza. Malaysian authorities have cleared Mr Najeb of any wrong doing. In Singapore, the central bank has ordered the closure of the local branch of BSI, for suspected money laundering.

Archaeologists excavated in northern China say the unerathed portary vessel showing that beer was brewed there 5000 years ago. Researches in Shaanxi procvince found traces of balli, millet, grain and tubers used in the fermentation process, the study said it's the earliest instance of beer making in Shaanxi province. There was known the rice was fermented much earlier.

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