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Jun 2,2016

Hello, I am Fiona MacDonald with the BBC news.

Iraqi prime minister has announced the start of a large military operation to recapture Faluja from Islamic State fighters, the city which is 65 kilometers west of Baghadad has been controlled by IS for the past two years. James Earl reports,Using his offical twitter feet, Haider al-Abadi said zero hour for the liberation of Faluja has arrived. Speaking on Iraqi television later on Sunday evening, he predicted a great victory for government forces,during the day, civiliance are warned to leave the area. Iraqi forces virtually surrounded the city and have been heavily reinforced in preparation for assault on several fronts. The operation follows gains elsewhere by Iraqi troops including most recently the capture of the western town of Ruppa.

The Greek parliament has approved a series of economic and financial reforms after emergency debate on further austerity measures, the prime minister Alexis Cypras said he was confident Euro Zone creditors will now relock funds the country need to repay loans. From Athens, here is Yolande Knell, Protesters gathered outside the parliament building, as the latest austerity measures will voted through following four days of emergency debate. Tax rises on a range of goods and services will not be introduced over the next two years and Greek state Athens will be gradually be transferred to a new privatisation funds, the prime minister Alexis Cypras is trying to show he is sticking to the term of bail out deal, this is third in five years that he stuck with international creditors last July.

The world largest insurance company Access says it is diverting itself from all its tobacoo related assets. The French Multinational media announcement in its sidelines of the annual world health assembly in Geneva. From here, Imogen Foulkes reports. Over half a century after the first government warnings about the health risks of smoking, most of the biggest players in the health insurance market still invest in tobacco despite ever stricter regulations on packaging and advertising. People still smoke and tobacco remains a good financial bet. Now Access, the world's largets insurance company, says it will ended investment, getting rid of 1.9 billion dollars of tobacco related equity in bounds.

All direct votes in Austria's presidential election have been counted, but the result is too close to call. Nobert Hoffer, the candidate of the far right and Euro Sceptic Freedom party and the former green party leader, Alexander Fander Ballen are neck in neck, they will have to wait untill the hundreds of thousands of postal votes have been counted on Monday.

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President Obama has begun his visit to Vietnam, in a strengthening defence and economic ties, he is the third US president to visit since the end of the Vietnam War. From Hanoi, Jonathan Headreports, That president Obama has put this one party, communist run state and once bitter enemy at the heart of his policy in Asia. Says a great deal about the fast changing balance of power in this region. China is the big factor which driven the US and Vietnam together. Vietnam wants US engagement in the south China sea, the expanded Chinese presence on disbuted islands has unnerved its southeast Asian neighbors. Vietnam is hoping the US will ease restrictions on sales of military equipment. Credit investment are also inportant issues in the poor but rapidly growing economy of 90 million people.

The first World Humanitarian Summit organised by the United Nations begins in Istanbul. Aids steed, aid agencies and others will discuss the financial response to crisis and held better to distribute aid. President Erdogan of Turkey, who is hosting the summit, described the international aid system has broken, he is calling for a new machanism for sharing the burden of refugees.

The Lybian coast guards said it intercepted about 850 African migrant attempting to reach Europe in flatable boats, an official said the migrants included 11 pregnant women.

The British director Kane Loch has won the Palme d'Or for the best picture at the Cannes Film Festival. His film, I, Daniel Blake about poverty, has accepted the award Mr Loch said austerity was a dangerous project driven by votical new liberal ideas. The festival's ground pray went to the Canadian director Shavea Duron for the movie It's Just the End of the World. Sharabu Sinea from Iran won best actor for his part in the Salesmen, a movie which also received the best screen play award.

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