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Jun 1,2016

Helo, I am Jerry Smit with the BBC news.

The Greek parliament has approved several economic and financial reforms after a long and acramonia emergency debate on further austerity measures. The foreign minister Alexis Cyplas say the outcome show that Greece honored its economic commitments. He said he was confident Euro Zone creditors will now unlock funds athens needs to repay loan to the International Monetary Fund. Yolande Knell reports, Protesters gathered outside the parliament building, as the latest austerity measures will voted through following four days of emergency debate. Tax rises on a range of goods and services will not be introduced over the next two years and Greek says Athens will be gradually be transferred to a new privatisation funds, the prime minister Alexis Cyplas is trying to show his sticking to the term of bail out deal, this third in five years that he stuck with international creditors last July.

The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi has announced the start of a big military operation to recapture the city of Faluja from Islamic State fighters, who seized it for more than two years ago, army and police reinforcements have been sent to surround the city and the Iraqi authorities earlier warned civiliance to leave. Faluja is estimated to contain 60000 civiliance many of the families are IS militants.

The world largest insurance company Access says it diverting itself from all its tobacoo related assets. The French Multinational says this amounts to 1.9 million dollars of equity in bounds. Access's executive says there will be a short term cost, but they argue that in the long run, investing a product which the World Health Organization estimate will claim hundreds of millions of lives of the century is simply unsustainable.

The India prime minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Iran, the first such dating more than a decade, he is seeking to strengthen economic ties between the countries and boost investment. Here is Dilma Givering,India's relation with Iran suffered when Teheran was under tough international sanctions, but now Mr Modi is keen to get relationships back on track, it's part of his wide ambitions to expand India's strategic influence and fore new business partnerships. A major Indian investment deal for the development of Chabaha, an Iranian port close to the border with Pakistan is likely to be held in the agenda, it could provide a sea route for goods from land logged Afhanistan to India and beyond and give India alternative access to central Asia.

All direct votes in Austria's presidential election have been counted, but the result is too close to call. Nobert Hoffer, the candidate of the far right and Euro Sceptic Freedom party and the former green party leader, Alexander Fander Ballen are neck in neck, they will have to wait untill the hundreds of thousands of postal votes have been counted on Monday.

World news from the BBC.

President Obama has begun his visit of Vietnam, aimed to strengthening defence and economic ties, the Vietnamese government is hoping that Mr Obama will announce the lifing of the partial US arm's embargo. This will allow Vietnam to boost its defence capabilities at a time of territorial disbutes with China. Mr Obama is the third US president to visit since the end of the Vietnam War.

Thousands of Brazilians have taken to the street of Rio De Janeiro and Saul Polo in the lastest protests against the acting presidnet Michelle Temer. Police block roads in Saul Polo as the martch headed to Mr Temer's resident. In Rio, protesters called for his resignation.

The Veteran British film director Kane Loch has won this year's Palme D'Or award at Canne Film festival with the drama I Danel Blake, his new film is about a carpenter in northeast England agree to retain his state benefit. Bethen Delt reports, The I, Daniel Blake, Kane Loch has made one of his angriest films, Blake is a carpenter nearing 60 who has heart attack and could no longer work, when state benefit withdrawn, he has no way to support himself, he meet a single mother Kitty, herself terrified of poverty, and a relationships develops. It's a decade since Loch won the Palme D'Or at Cannes for the wind shakes the Barley, joins a small group of directors in winning more than once accepting the award can Loch say the world was in the grip of dangerous project of austerity.

In Football, Barcelona have won the Copodor Ray, beating a Spanish league and cup double for the second season in a row. They beat Silvia, Tunnel and Marid both goals came in extra time. Barcelona played most of the match with ten men, Havia Maskerona was sent off, the Sivia ended th game with just nine players.

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