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The World Anti-Doping Agency said it's disppointed that Olympic leaders have rejected its recommandation to ban Russia from the Rio games next month. WADA's president Craig Reedie said the organization's investigators had exposed a state-run doping program in Russia and the International Olympic Committe's decision will reduce protection for clean athletes. The IOC ruled that individual Russians can compete in Rio with the approval of the governing bodies of their individual sports. XX has this report.

With just 12 days to go into the start of the Olympics, sport federations now face a race against time to establish whcih Russians are eligible. And given away to the evidence which centers on wide-scale state-organized doping and orchestrated coverup within Russia, the IOC's decision has prompted anger among many who believe the country has no right to compete in Brazil. The United States anti-doping authority was swift condemn the IOC's decision saying Olympic leaders had refused to take decisive leadership.



        adj. 合格的,合适的;符合条件的;有资格当选的

        n. 合格者;适任者;有资格者






        adj. 决定性的;果断的,坚定的

German police say they have arrested a 16-year-old in connection with Friday's gun attack in Munich in which nine people were killed. They say he was a friend of the attacker. Here is Bethany Bell.

The police said a friend of the gun man, a 16 year old Afghan contact to them immediately after the shooting on Friday. Discrepancies were discovered in his statement to police. And he is now being investigated on suspicion of failing to report a planned crime. Police said the gun man David Somballi, begun planning the shooting attack a year ago after visiting the German city of Wellington where another teenager killed 15 people in 2009.



        n. 不符;矛盾;相差

The Mayor of the southern German city Anzwark has said an explosive device caused a blast that killed one person and injured at leat ten. The explosion happened at a bar close to the entrance of a popular music festival, thousands of people have been evacuated. Initial reports had suggested the cause was a gas explosion.



        n. 爆炸;冲击波;一阵

        vi. 猛攻

        vt. 爆炸;损害;使枯萎

        n. (Blast)人名;(德)布拉斯特


        adj. 疏散;排空的,撤退者的

        v. 疏散;撤出;排泄(evacuate的过去式和过去分词形式)

Tens of thousands of people in Turkey have taken part in the first cross party rally to condemn the attempted coup. The gathering was organized by the biggest opposition party but supporters of the president's ruling party also took part. From Istanbul, Nick Thorp.

There has been one rally after another right across Turkey since the coup was defeated. What's different about this one is that it was organized by the main opposition party, The Republican People's party. it's a chance for their supporters too to celebrate the survival of democracy. But it's not just a opposition event, officials from the governing AK party were invited too. So the speeches all about democracy but also about human right and the freedom of the press, about the quality of democracy as well as its survival.

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In the United States, the head of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz ia resigning as a row over leaked emails threatens party's unity, ahead of the convention to nominate a presidential candidate. From Washington, here is Jon Sopel.

The Democratic party gathering, was meant to be an exercising carefully stage-managed unity, but this slew of emails released by Wikileaks suggested that the Democratic National Committee was anything but the impartial body was meant to be during the primary battle between Hilary Cinton and Bernie Sanders, something that Berni Sanders complained over repeatedly. And so the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has walk the plank, but in some ways the damage's done. A string of new efforts has been made by the Clinton campaign to bring Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters on board. But this episode is likely to reawaken tensions and suspensions.

The former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg is expected to be planning a public declaration of support for Hilary Clinton as America's next president. The New York Times says Mr.Bloomberg, a former Republican, who has been sharply critic of Donald Trump, will endorse Mrs.Clinton at the Democratic Party Convention.



        vt. 背书;认可;签署;赞同;在背面签名

The United Nations has welcomed an agreement between the Columbian government and Farc rebels giving specific guarantees to women as part of the peace accord being drawn up in Cuba. UN official say the two side have agreed that women will have equal access to land. Thirty percent of Farc soldiers who will be reintegrated into society are female.

Chris Froome has won the Tour de France for a third time becomming the first Britain cyclist to successfully defend the title. He finished arm in arm with his team mate behind the main group having previously buid up a lead of more than four minutes. After he crossed the finishing line, Froome embraced his wife and baby son.

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