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BBC News


Hello, I am Jerry Smit with the BBC news.

The elite presidential guard in Turkey is to be dispended, after nearly 300 of its members were detained following last week's failed coup attempt. The Turkish prime minister, Binali Yildirim told a TV channel there was no longer any need for the regiment. Steve Jackson reports.



        vt. 浪费;用


        v. 被扣留,[法] 扣留(detain的过去分词)


        vt. 把…编成团;严格地管制

        n. 团;大量

President Erdogan's far reaching purge of state institutions folowing the failed coup is continuing. Presidential guard consits of some 2500 of the country's best trained soldiers and it would now be abolished. And in Mr.Erdogan's first decree should on the new emergency laws, he has ordered the closure of thousands of private schools and charities, they are suspected of having links to the US based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who the authorities accuse of orchestrating the coup.



        vi. 净化;通便

        vt. 净化;清洗;通便

        n. 净化;泻药


        n. 法令;判决

        vt. 命令;颁布;注定;判决

        vi. 注定;发布命令


        n. 关闭;终止,结束

        vt. 使终止


        n. 牧师;传教士

        adj. 牧师的,教士的



        给 ... 配管弦乐曲


The German interim minister Tomas Domezier has visited the scene of Friday shooting in the city of Munich where gunmen killed nine people. Police said the 18 year old attacker was obsessed by masskillers, including the Norwagian white supremacist Anesh Barron Brevick. Richarfd Galpin reports from Munich.

The gunman named as David Ali Somballi with his parents and brother in a mordern apartment block in a busy northern district of Munich. This afternoon the entrance to his apartment block were surrounded by dozens of journalists and many neighbors were reluctant to speak. But a teenage boy called Najib told me he knew Ali Somballi because he was a friend of his brother. Najib went on to say that Somballi has left school last year and claimed he had seen him spending a lot of time since then playing violent vedio games.



        adj. 临时的,暂时的;中间的;间歇的

        n. 过渡时期,中间时期;暂定


        n. 至上主义者

        adj. 至上主义者的


        adj. 不情愿的;勉强的;顽抗的

The US Democratic party's presumptive presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has formally introduced Tim Kaine as her running mate. Addressing a rally in Miami, Mrs.Clinton said the Vergenia senator was everything Donald Trump and his running mate were not. Speaking in Spanish, Mr.Kaine told the rally we are all Amercans, a direct appeal to immigrants who have been vilified by Donald Trump. Mr.King thanks his suporters and described Mrs.Clinton as his soulmate in the fight ahead.



        vt. 诽谤;中伤;轻视;贬低

I am feeling a lot of things today, most of all gratitude. I'm greatfull to you Hilary for the trust that you placed in me and we are going to be "papayelotheoma" in this great "lucha" ahead.

The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani vowed to avenge the death of at least 80 people killed in the suicide bombing in capital Kabul, more than 200 others were wounded in the attack which targeted a demonstration by members of the minorit Halzarich Community. The Islamic State group said it was behind the bombing and stress the fact that Halzarich are Shia muslims, suggesting an intention to ferment secretariat strife.



        n. 少数民族;少数派;未成年

        adj. 少数的;属于少数派的


        n. 发酵;酵素;动乱

        vi. 发酵;动乱

        vt. 使发酵;酝酿;使动乱

        n. (Ferment)人名;(法)费尔芒


        n. 秘书处;书记处;秘书(书记,部长等)之职


        n. 冲突;争吵;不和

You are listening to world news come from the BBC.

Gunmen who seized to police station in the Amanian capital Yerevan nearly a week ago to demand the release of a jailed opposition leader have freed their last four hostages but the men are refusing to laid down their weapons and now are demanding the resignation of the president.

Hundreds of the mourner have attended the funeral of a prominent investigative journalist who is killed by a carbomb in Ukraine on Wednesday. Pavol Sheramiat was burried in the Belorussian capital Minsk where he was born. He gained international prominents with his coverage of political oppression in his home country. On Friday, hundreds of others pay tribute to him in Kiev, including the Ukrainian presidnet Petro Proshenko.



        n. 哀悼者;悲伤者;送葬者;忏悔者


        adj. 突出的,显著的;杰出的;卓越的


        n. 礼物;[税收] 贡物;颂词;(尤指对死者的)致敬,悼念,吊唁礼物

Reports from Gabon say security forces have charged demonstrators who gathered in the capital Libreville in protest to against President Ali Bongo's candidacy in next month's election. Police threw tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd. Several opposition leaders were taking part in the demonstration including a rival presidential candidate. The French news agency AFP has complained the police beat up one of its camera man.



        n. 指挥棒;接力棒;警棍;司令棒

        n. (Baton)人名;(法)巴东;(阿尔巴)巴唐


        vt. 分散;使散开;传播

        vi. 分散

        adj. 分散的

An aircraft powered solely by energy from the sun has set off from Cairo to Abudabi, on the final leg of its around-the-world flight.

The solar impulsed II began its journey in Abudabi in March 2015. If it can weather the exceptionally high temperatures to complete the flight, it will be the first time solar powered plane has cricle navigated the globe, pilot Detro Bicard expects to complete the last journey in about 48 hours.