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Hello, I'm Julia Candler with the BBC News.

Police in Germany have launched a huge manhunt for a group of men who carried out a mass shooting at a shopping centre in Munich. At least nine people have been killed. Police say one of them may have been an attacker. Much of Munich has been shut down, with all transport services suspended. People have been warned to stay indoors. David Mcness is in Berlin.

There is a very confusing situation, because police are saying they are looking for three perpetrators, but they are not sure if actually it could just be one or three, or if the one shooter is dead. So there is a lot of confusion, there is a lot of chaos right now in Munich, because of course, police and the security services have to take into account possibly we have a couple of perpetrators who are still on the run.

Richard Guja is a reporter with the regional broadcaster, BRTV. He was just outside the shopping mall. And he described a very tense scene just after the attack.

The police are very, very nervous. They are walking in a hitch-on formation of ten to twelve officers, aiming their guns in all directions. The people living here are very nervous. This is right in the middle of a residential area. They can't believe their eyes what's happening here that there are officers with drawn semi-automatic guns patrolling the area, as it were a bad movie.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, will convene a meeting of the country's security council on Saturday. Her Chief-of-Staff, Peter Altmaier, said it was unclear who was behind the attack. Initial suspicion fell on Islamists. But there are also suggestions that it could have been an act of far-right extremism. Footage shot in a mobile phone appears to show a gunman, dressed in black, shouting curses against foreigners.



    n. 犯罪者;作恶者;行凶者


    adj. 半自动的


    n. 巡逻;巡逻队;侦察队

    vt. 巡逻;巡查

    vi. 巡逻;巡查


    vt. 召集,集合;传唤

    vi. 聚集,集合


    n. 极端主义(尤指政治上的极右或极左);极端性;过激主义

The White House has condemned the Munich attacks in the strongest possible terms. President Obama promised to provide whatever support Germany might need. The French President, Francois Hollande, also voiced his support for Germany. The British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said he was shocked and appalled by the terrible attack, and that Britain was ready to assist.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey,Norater Jenicolie, has described last week's attempted coup as one of the greatest threats the country has ever faced. He said the dismissal and detention of some 60,000 people in the aftermath was just the beginning.

For 40 years, the terrorist organisation has infiltrated the furtherest corners of the country, all ministries, all institutions and the private sector. It's not just the judiciary courts, the police, the military. It includes education. And in fact, education is the field that they have entered best. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The number of detentions could get higher.

In a BBC interview, Mr. Jenicolie said the coup plotters posed a bigger threat than the Islamic State group or the Kurdish military organisation, the PKK.



    vt. 使惊骇;惊吓

    vi. 减弱;变得苍白;令人发腻


    n. 拘留;延迟;挽留


    n. 后果;余波


    vt. 使潜入;使渗入,使浸润

    vi. 渗入

    n. 渗透物


    n. 司法部;法官;司法制度

    adj. 司法的;法官的;法院的


    n. 绘图机;阴谋者,策划者

BBC News.

Aid agencies say urgent help is needed for more than 85,000 Syrian refugees stuck in no man's land on their country's border with Jordan. The humanitarian situation has deteriorated since a suicide bombing near the makeshift rockbound camp one month ago killed seven Jordanian soldiers. Afterwards, Jordan declared its northern and eastern borders are closed military zone. X reports.



    n. 难民,避难者;流亡者,逃亡者


    vi. 恶化,变坏

    vt. 恶化


    n. [军] 轰炸,[军] 投弹

    v. 轰击;引爆炸弹(bombing形式)


    n. 权宜之计;凑合;临时措施;将就

    adj. 临时的;权宜之计的;凑合的

The International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have both made appeals for access to the border. International law demands that those fleeing war should be given asylum. But humanitarian organisations find themselves unable to press for Jordan to reopen its borders to refugees, with many western nations keeping theirs firmly closed. Already, there are more than 650,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan. That's about 10% of the population.

Hillary Clinton is expected this weekend to name her running mate for the U.S. presidential election in November. Mrs. Clinton will be formally nominated as candidate for president at the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia next week. The speculation is that Mrs. Clinton will opt for the Virginia Senator,Tim Kane.



    n. 庇护;收容所,救济院


    n. 投机;推测;思索;投机买卖

A former leader of the white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan, has said that he's going to run for the U.S. Senate.David Duke to represent Louisiana. In a video, Mr.Duke, a registered Republican, paid tribute to the presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, and said it was time to stop mass immigraiton. His local Republican party said it would actively oppose him.

At least 16 people have been killed in northern Mali in two days of fighting between Tuareg  rebels and a pro-government militia. The clashes began on Thursday, after several months of tension over control of the town of Kidal. The two sides blamed each other for starting the fighting. The pro-government forces have withdrawn from the town.

BBC News.



    n. 至上主义者

    adj. 至上主义者的


    n. 礼物;[税收] 贡物;颂词;(尤指对死者的)致敬,悼念,吊唁礼物


    n. 民兵组织;自卫队;义勇军;国民军