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The president of Turkey says imposeing a three months state of emergency following last week's failed military coup. The measure will enable Receo Tayyip Erdigan and his government to bypass parliament and to limit or suspend rights. In a televised adress, Mr.Erdogan said he would allow the authorities to take swift action against those responsible for the revolt.

The purpose of the state emergency is to take necessary step swiftly and effectively inorder to eradicate the tract against democracy, the rule of law and the rights and freedom of our citizens.

Malaysia says it will coperate with any lawful investigation to the US justice department move to seize assets worth more than a billion dollar from a state fund. The lawsuit alledges money from the Malaysian fund 1MDB with misuse and spent on luxury properties. Hollywood movie productions and famous paintings. Loreta lynch is US attorney general.

One billion dollars asset they were discussing today are just a portion of the more than three billion dollars that would stolen from 1MDB and laundered through American institutions in violation of the United States law. unfortunately, sadlly tragically, a number of corrupt 1MDB officials traded this public trust as a personal bank account.

The fund was established and overseen by Malaysia's prime minister Naji Brazac, he has denied the allegations. A spokesman said if any wrong doing was proven, a law would be enforced.

The world anti-doping agency Nonus Wada has restored the license of the new drug test in laborary in Rio de Janeiro, allowing it to operate during next month's Olympic Game. From Rio, here is Will Davis.

Rio's multi-miilion dollar lab lost its license to operate after what Wada inspectors described has failure to comply with international standards, that let Rio 2016 offcials facing the ignimanious alternative of having to fly dozens of samples daily to Europe for testing. A brand new lab is only the second search facility in south America, it was rebuilt after the original laborary also had lost its license before the 2014 Football World Cup, because of oblicit equipment and incorrect result.

The Republican nominee for vice president of the United States Mike Pence is due to speak at the party's convention, in support for his controvertial running mate Donald Trump. Delegates are also due to here for Mr.Trump defeated rivals and nomination campaign. senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Police clashed with demonstrators when a US flag were burn near the convention center in Cleveland.

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The government in Mali says it will extend a state of emergency by tendees to enable to deal with worsethan terrorist violence. The council of ministers also ordered three days of national morning to remember 17 Malian soldiers killed on Tuesday when heavily armed men overrun their camp in the central town of Nanpala. Two differnent groups have said they were behind the attack, the Islamist Militanyts and Sardien under group claiming to be acting in defence of  Fullahmei trible rights.

Syria's opposition is urge the US-led international coalition to suspended airstrikes against Islamic State militants. The Syrian national coalition called for an investigation into the death of civiliance in region near the IS held town of Menbei. MInister say more than 30 countries are in Washington to discuss the fight against the IS. The US defence secretary Ash Carter said military action might not be enough to defeat the group.

The biggets strategic concern, of this group of defence ministers, with the stabilization and governance efforts will leg behind military campaign. Making sure there no such leg must be signicficant strategic priority for us.

The United States Justice Department has charged a Ukrainian man alledged to be the master man of the world biggets online piracy website. Altuon Violin said to be the owner of the fire shelling site Kikas Torrent is accused of money laundering and infringing copyright. He is alledged to have distributed more than a billion dollars worth of pirated music and film over the last eight years.

Researchers in Argentina say a fossil found more than a decade ago in Partagonia belong to a previously unknown species of Metiting dinosaur which lived about 18 miilion years ago, they said the 2.5 meters long creatures walked on two legs and was very fast.