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This is the BBC news. Hello, I am Nick Kelly.

The national convention of the Republican Partyin the United States has been disrupted after delegates were not allowed toregister their opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump. Delegates are dueto adopt Mr. Trump as their nominee later this week. From Cleveland Ohio, JamesCook reports. “There were some crowds as opponents of Donald Trump failed toforce a rule change which wouldve allowed them to mount a symbolic challenge to the tycoon's nomination. As the chairman declared that the demand for the socalled roll call vote had been defeated by acclamation, there was pandemoniumwith some anti-Trump delegates storming out. The YEAs have it. Some again chanting for the vote, but to no avail.” That was James Cook. Mr. Trump isexpected to introduce a speech by his wife later this evening.

Officials in Germany say a 17-year-old Afghanimmigrant has attacked four people on a train near the southern city of Wurzburg.Our correspondent in Berlin is Damien McGuinness. “Three people have been seriouslyinjured and 14 have been treated for shock after a man attacked passengers withan axe on a train in southern Germany. The man was chased by police and afterattacking officers with a knife was then shot dead. According to Bavaria interior minister Joachim Herrmann, theattacker was a 17-year-old Afghan who came to Germany as an asylum seeker.It's not yet clear though what the motivation behind the attack was.”

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan hassaid suggestions that he is punishing his political opponents following lastweek's coup attempt are libelous. About 18,000 police officers, military personnel and judges have been suspended or arrested in the days since the coupwas put down. Among of its supposed leaders, the Air Force Commander General AkinOzturk has appeared in court marked by several recent wounds. the Generaldenied any involvement in the uprising.

Russia's participation in next month's Olympic Gamesis in the balance after it was accused of states sponsored cheating across arange of sports. Sarah Rainsford reports from Moscow. “Russia now faces theprospect that its entire Olympic team could be banned from competing in Riofollowing evidence that doping was covered up systematically across disciplines.The deputy sports minister Yury Nagornykh has already been suspended. He wasnamed as the key figure in the reports accused of directing operations from thesports ministry.”

The South Korean military says North Korea hasfired three ballistic missiles into the sea off its eastern coast. It says thatthe missiles had a range which enables them to strike all South Korea. Thismonth Pyongyang threated to take action in response to the planned deploymentof US anti-missile system in the south. World news from the BBC.

MPs in Britain have voted overwhelmingly infavor of renewing the country's aging nuclear deterrent. “The YEAs for theright 472, the NAYs are left 117.” The vote has been called by Britain's new PrimeMinister Theresa May whose conservative party backed the motion as to thenumber of Labor MPs. That give a free vote by their leader Jeremy Corbyn anopponent of nuclear weapons. Tom Symonds followed proceedings in the House ofCommons. “After countless previous debates about nuclear weapons, many of the argumentsdeployed in this one were familiar, but all from the virtue of independent deterrent, were set against the claim that the threat has changed since thedays of the Cold War. Early in debate, both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn wereasked if they would be prepared to launch a nuclear attack capable of killing 100,000people or more. She said briskly yes, his answer no.”

Finally, the authorities in Guatemala say anarmy officer convicted of killing an outspoken and Catholic Bishop has died ina prison riot. Byron Lima had been serving a 30-year sentence for the murder in1998 of Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi, an opponent of the then military regime. CandacePiette reports. “A lawyer for Byron Lima claimed he had been shot by a rival gangwithin the jail, the former army captain is reported to have been one of themost powerful inmates in Guatemala's prison system. Hed recently forbidden arival gang from selling drugs in the prison where he was serving his sentence.Lima had been convicted along with his father, an army colonel, and a third manof the murder of bishop Gerardi, the cleric was killed two days afterpublishing a report in which he blamed the Guatemalan army for most of thehuman rights abuses committed during the country's long military conflict.”