BBC英语新闻:微软获得历史性胜诉 美国政府无权索取海外

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More than 70 peopel are reported to have been killed in an attack in the southern France city of Nice. A lorry drove at a high speed into a crowd watching the Bastile day flower display. The Nice prosecutor say the vehicle continued for two kilometers before police shot the driver dead. As Andy More reports the crowd had to run for theri lives.

There was panic at the end of the Bastile Day celebrations since the trcuk mounted the crowd pavement on the promnade Dazongly. According to witnesses the driver swerve several times to hit many pedestrians. French authority say the driver was killed, there are reports he got out of his vehicle and started shooting. Television iamges from the scene showed the window of his truck riddled with bullets. Collin Threwastawa was in Nice when the attack unfolded.

We were basically sitting just from the outside of Nice, I have saw several hundreds of people running towards this looking panic striken, which I do ask to see the motors going on and I finally got on the said, he mean to go the police has told us to run.

Collins Threwastawa ending that report by Andy More. The regional president and former mayor of Nice Christina Straway says it was clearly a deliberate attack.

It was an individual whose behaviour was totally premeditated, totally planned, and he drove into the crowd, he shot the police. The lorry was loaded with weapons, it was loaded with grenades. Prosecutor say anti-terror officers have taken over the investigation. Francois Holland is holding a crisis meeting in Paris. The attack came just hours after President Holland announced that the state of emergency in France would end later this month. It had already been extended twice since the Paris attack by the Islamic Militants in November and a further three months extentsion have been approved but the president said it would not make sense to keep the measure in place indefinately. World leaders have condemened the attack. Laura Becca has this report in Washington.

President Barack Obama condemned what he said appeared to be a horrific terrorist attack in Nice. He said he is sought in prayers where with the families and other loved one of those killed. He prayes the extraodinary resilience and democratic values that have made France an inspiration to the entire world and offered French officials any assistance they may need to have been investigate the attack and bring those responsible to justice.

As spokesman for the British prime minister Theresa May said she was shocked and concerned by the scene on Nice. The president of the European Council Donald Tusk said it was a tragic paradox the people celebrating Liberty, Equality and Feternity were attacked.

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In other news Donald Trump has told a American TV channel he has not yet made a final decision on a running mate. Neither a poll suggest the Republican presidential candidate will name Mike Pence the governor of Indianna and the member of the right wing tea party movement. mr.Trump was due to make a announcement in New York on Friday but he is postponed a news conference following that attack in Nice.

An appeals court in New York has ruled that the United States government cannot force Microsoft to give authorities access to the firm servers located in other countries. The decision has been seen as a precident for protecting the privacy of cloud computing services. The US department of justice wanted full access a server in Ireland as part of an investigation into a drug scheme.

The US secretary of state John Kerry has been having talks in Moscow with Russian Leaders on what US media say a controvertial proposal for the two countries to coordinate their nilitary operations against Islamic Militants in Syria. The state department said that they discuss the need to increase pressure on Islamic  State and Nusera Front fighters. The White House spokesman Josh Earnest said there was no guarantee that the two countries would work together.

As present the announce is not conducting or coordinating military operations with Russia. Under there is  speculation that an agreement maybe reached to do so. But it's not cleared that will happen.

UNESCO says that at least half of young people aged between 15 and 17 in Sub Sahara in Africa are not in school. The highest rate for any region in the world. 93 million children are primary or secondary age in Sub Sahara in Africa don't receive formal education. Confilict, poverty and resistance to educating girls are some of the reasons given.