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Aug 30,2016

BBC news with Marion Marshall.

Syrian activists say at least 15 people have been killed in an aerial bombardment of a rebel-held district of Aleppo.

The British based Syrian observatory for human rights said government aircraft dropped two barrel bombs in the same area several minutes apart.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Aleppo province, Kurdish forces were engaged in clashes with Turkish tanks near the two countries' border. The fighting is taken place near the town of Jarablus.

FARC rebels in Colombia say theyve announced a definitive cease fire on Sunday which will come into effect at midnight, the same time as army cease fireordered by the president.

The FARC will also announce that it'll be holding afinal conference of its fighters in mid-September to ratify a peace accord agreed with the government this week. The accord still needs to be approved by a popular vote.

A wealthy family, accused of exerting undue influence over the South African president Jacob Zuma, says it plans to sell all the shares it holds in businesses in the country.

The family of Indian origin is alleged to have influenced selection of cabinet posts. The Guptas denied any involvement.



        n. 内阁;橱柜;展览艺术品的小陈列室

        adj. 内阁的;私下的,秘密的

An ambush on a military patrol in Paraguay has left at least seven soldiers dead. The country's interior minister said it was likely the gunmen were part of Paraguay People's Army, a rebel group in the region bordering Brazil.



        n. 埋伏,伏击;伏兵

        vt. 埋伏,伏击

        vi. 埋伏

The American Space Agency NASA has flown a probe a few thousand kilometers from the swirling clouds of Jupiter. NASA hopes the Juno Spacecraft captured images and data about the planet's weather system as it passed by.



        n. 漩涡;[流] 涡流

        adj. 打旋的

        v. 打旋;眩晕;使成漩涡(swirl的现在分词形式)

A lost Beatles Demo track that was discovered more than 50 years after being recorded have been sold at auction for more than 23000 dollars.



        vt. 拍卖;竞卖

        n. 拍卖

Its a crackly recording of Paul McCartney singing "It's for you", a song he wrote with John Lennon for another singer from their home city of Liverpool, Cilla Black.

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