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Hello, I am Sue Montgomerywith the BBC news.

Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May has taken office promising that the country will forge a bold new role for itself in the world as it leaves theEuropean Union. Speaking in Downing Street after her appointment, Mrs. May saidher government would work for everyone whether rich or poor and she directly address people who she said were just managing. “The government I lead will bedriven not by the interests of the privileged few, but by yours. We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives. When we take the bigcause, we will think not of the powerful, but you.” The new Prime Ministerinvoked the full name of her Conservative un-unionist party to defend what shecalled the precious bound between the nations of the United Kingdom. Mrs. May surprised many with one of her first cabinet appointments making Boris Johnsonforeign secretary. Mr. Johnson was one of the leading campaigners to leave theEuropean Union. Here is James Robbins. “The words diplomacy at Boris Johnsonhave not until now tended to share the same sentence, but suddenly he isBritain's top diplomat in charge of foreign policy as well as two of theintelligence agencies MI6 and GCHQ. The same as Mr. Johnson had been appointed,the new foreign secretary spent about half an hour in his new palatial officewith the permanent secretary and a few key foreign officials. Boris Johnsonwill have to hit the ground running. He is due to meet his European Unioncounterparts, the foreign ministers of the other 27 member states for a workingdinner in Brussels on Sunday. Brexit will dominate the menu.”

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollandecalled have Mrs. May to congratulate her and her appointment as Prime Minister.Downing Street said Mrs. May had emphasized to commitment to deliveringBritain's exit from the EU. The European Commission President Jean Claud Yankerhas wished her every success in the task ahead. A BBC correspondent says thatthough cordial, Mr. Yanker is concerned that the British government appears tobe no hurry to start formal negotiations to leave.

The Islamic State group has confirmed the death of one of its top military commanders Omar Shishani. A news agency linked to IS said Shishani described bythe Pentagon as the militant groups' minister of war was killed in combat inIraq. Murad Shishani is a correspondent with BBC Arabic. “Most observers whoare tackling the issue of the Islamic State, they always put Omar Shishani inthe highest ranks of IS, maybe some people put him in the most important threepeople or four people. Also, Omar Shishani played a major role in attractingthe so called North Caucasian fighters towards Islamic State.” World news fromthe BBC.

Reports from Syria say a number of people have been killed in the airstrikes inthe market places in two rebel held areas in the north of the country. Local activists said at least nine died in the town of Beriha in Idlib province. Meanwhile the state news agency says rebel shelling over the past few days has done huge damage to the museum in the city of Aleppo.

The United States has send troops to South Sudan to protect the country's embassyin Juba and American citizens there. The deployment of 47 soldiers followsrecent violence between rival factions of the South Sudanese army which hasprompted fears of a return to civil war. A further 130 US military personnel innearby Djibouti has said to be ready to provide support if needed.

A court in Zimbabwe has freed a pastor who social medium campaign against government mismanagement prompted a nationwide strike. Throwing out the casethe magistrate said prosecutors had changed the charges against Pastor Evan Mawarirewithout warning, this report from Grant Ferrett. “Hundreds of supporters of EvanMawarire erupted into cheers when he appeared as a free man outside the courtin Harare. With the Zimbabwean flag draped around his neck, the pastortold the crowd many of them holding a loft candles in the darkness thatthe struggle against corruption must continue. Prosecutors had initiallycharged him with inciting violence when he was arrested on Tuesday. They thenaccused him of attempting to overthrow the government. The magistratethroughout the case saying he shouldve been warned of the new charge beforeappearing in court.”

Police in India have arrested a Muslim man Imran Batuk whos one of the mainsuspects accused of burning a train in Gujarat state 14 years ago. Sixty HinduPilgrims were killed. Police say he has been on the run ever since, revengeattacks saw at least 1,000 people of Muslims killed.