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Aug 29,2016

BBC news with David Austin.

Civilians and rebel fighters have begun leaving a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus where they have lived under the government siege since 2012.

Thousands will eventually move out as a part of deal reached between the government and rebel groups.

The evacuation of Daria is being seen as a victory for President Assad.

France's highest administrative court has ruled against bans imposed by some coastal towns and cities on full body swim suits or burkinis worn by some Muslim women.

The court suspended the ban in one town, but nearly 30 similar local orders are now expected to be overturned pending a final decision on whether they are legal.



        vt. 延缓,推迟;使暂停;使悬浮

        vi. 悬浮;禁赛


        vt. 推翻;倾覆;破坏

        vi. 推翻;倾覆

        n. 倾覆;周转;破灭


        adj. 未决定的;行将发生的

        prep. 在…期间;直到…时为止;在等待…之际

        v. 待定;悬而不决(pending形式)

        n. (Pending)人名;(瑞典)彭丁

The Zimbabwean opposition leader Joyce Mujuru says more than 50 people have been injured in clashes between police and protesters demanding electoral reform. A high court had ordered police not to intervene in the demonstration in the capital Harare.

The Italian authorities say the search for survivors of Wednesdays earthquake will continue until they are certain that no one is unaccounted for. They say damage from aftershocks is hampering the recovery efforts.



        vt. 妨碍;束缚;使困累

        n. 食盒,食篮;阻碍物

Indian police have begun a murder investigation into the death of a woman whose boyfriend says she was the victim of a so called honor killing.

A video of thewoman has emerged on social media saying she feared for her life because she had fallen in love with a man that her family disapproved of.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has officially opened one of the worlds largest suspension bridges creating a new link between the European and Asian sides of Turkey. It's the third bridge in Istanbul to span the Bosporus strait.

Aides of the South Sudanese opposition leader Riek Machar say he has been discharged from hospital in Sudan, but that he will remain in the country. Mr. Machar was treated for a swollen leg the condition he said to have developed while escaping from South Sudan.

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