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The woman who will be Britain's next prime minister has promised to make the country's exit from the European Union a success, despite backing the Remain campaign in last month's referendum. Teresa May, who's currently Home Secretary, was confirmed as the new Conservative Party leader, after her sole remaining rival, x, withdrew from the contest. x reports. Although Teresa May was the clear favour to succeed David Cameroon, even she probably never anticipated events would move quite so swiftly. Instead of taking over in September, Mrs. May will now become prime minister on Wednesday evening, a rapid handover that became almost inevitable as soon as Ms. x announced her decision to quit. This afternoon, at a meeting of Conservative MPs, Mrs. May was officially confirmed as the new leader of the Conservative Party.

Both sides involved in the latest outbreak of violence in South Sudan have declared a ceasefire, after days of fighting in the capital, Juba, left hundreds dead. The fighting between forces loyal to President x and those commanded by his long-standing rival, the Vice President, x, has been threatening to undermine a peace deal signed last year to end two years of civil war. The U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, said a variety of measures could be taken to contain the violence. Impose an immediate arms embargo on South Sudan. Second, enact additional targeted sanctions on leaders and commanders blocking the implementation of the agreement. Third, fortifying the U.N. Mission in South Sudan, UNMISS, we desperately need attack helicopters and other material to fulfill our mandate to protect the civilians.

The Venezuelan government has said that it will seize a factory belonging to the U.S. hygiene products company, Kimberly-Clark, after it announced that it could no longer operate in the country. Our Americas editor, x, reports. The Labour Minister, x, said the closure of the factory was illegal, and it was seeking to restart production at the request of almost a thousand workers. Kimberly-Clark is the latest multinational to close or scale back operations in the country. The company cited its currency controls, a lack of primary materials and soaring inflation. A growing opposition blames Nicolas Maduro of racking the oil-rich economy and is seeking a referendum to remove him.

The Police Chief in the U.S. city of Dallas has said that Texas' state laws, which allow civilians to carry firearms openly, are causing a problem for law enforcement. x was speaking following the fatal shooting of five police officers last week by a former Army reservist. He said officers who saw people carrying rifles initially believed they were under attack by multiple shooters.

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Police in the U.S. state of Michigan say a gunman, who opened fire in a courthouse, was a prisoner who stole a gun from a law enforcement officer. The man killed two bailiffs, and injured a civilian and a sheriff's deputy. He was then shot dead by officers.

The Israeli Parliament has passed controversial legislation that requires non-governmental organisations to give details of overseas donations, if more than half their funding comes from foreign governments or institutions. Opponents of the bill say it's discriminatory and aimed at curbing funds flowing to Palestinian causes from sources such as the European Union. Its sponsor, the far-right Justice Minister, x, calls it a transparency bill. In Israel, in general, we will not interfere in politics of other countries. And I expect the countries will respect Israel and will try to influence Israel in the diplomatic path, and not by funding millions of dollars or euros to NGOs that usually try to promote their wills. Private money going to Jewish bodies supporting settlements on occupied land is not covered by the legislation.

Archaeologists have found evidence of ancient stone tools used by monkeys in Brazil. The discovery is the latest example of non-human tool use in numerous species from apes to crows. x reports. A determined monkeys brings a x-size stone down to a fresh cashew nut. This is a x kept by the researchers in Brazil. In the national park, where they unearthed that the captain monkeys here have lived in their own stone age for at least 700 years. The scientists found stone hammers, stained with centuries-old cashew nut liquid, buried beneath the trees where these x primates still practise their very effective nut-cracking technique. The discovery dates the behaviour to long before Europeans arrived in the New World.