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Hello this is Charles Carrollwith the BBC news.

Jubilant celebrations have erupted in Portugal after the nationalfootball team won the European Championship beating France 1-0 in Paris. Thewinning goal was scored by Eder in extra time to the dismay of the home fans inthe Stade de France and the delight of Portuguese supporters. Our correspondentin Lisbon Alison Roberts was watching the match. “The reaction in publicsquares and private homes around Portugal was wild when the whistle blew afterextra time. For the first time ever the national football squad has won a majortournament. Twelve years after failing to win the European Championship stagedin Portugal, the feat was finally achieved against host France and the winninggoal was scored after Christiano Ronaldo captain and adored national hero wasstretched off injured.”

The United Nations Security Council has been holding an emergencysession to discuss the resumption of violence in South Sudan. Hundreds ofpeople are reported to have been killed since fighting broke out on Thursday inthe capital Juba. The clashes are between soldiers loyal to President Salva Kirrand those led by the Vice President Riek Machar who recently signed a peacedeal. Chanto Perso is the spokesman for UNMIS(the UN mission in south Sudan). “Wecan only remain optimistic that the peace agreement that we signed last yearthat they will fulfill that implement. Some steps have been taken since that. Weveseen some progress over the last month and we really hope that the two can finda solution tonight to battle over the last few days and really resume onfinding peace for the fate of and look to implement that peace agreement.”

Final results from Sundays elections in Japan show that the coalition government of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has won an important 2/3 majorityin the Upper House. It gives Mr. Abe the option to try to revise Japan'spacifist constitution. From Tokyo, Steven Evens reports. “Prime Minister Abe cannow move towards holding a referendum on whether the constitution so calledPacifism clause which forbids Japan fighting wars should be changed. It wasimposed on a shattered defeated nation by the victorious American 70 years ago.Mr. Abe has indicated he think it's now outdated, particularly with the rise ofChina. Japan now is divided even the Prime Ministers allies in government thosewith a Buddhist background are uneasy about renouncing pacifism.”

North Korea's military says that it would take physical counter measuresagainst the deployment of a sophisticated US antimissile system planed forSouth Korea. It said it would act as soon as the time and location of thesystem was known. South Korean officials say that the site could be chosenwithin weeks and the missiles installed by the end of the next year. World newsfrom the BBC.

The Police Chief in the US city of Dallas has said that they believe thegunman who shot dead five police officers there was planning an even largerattack. David Brown also revealed that Micah Johnson taunted to the authoritiesduring two hours of negotiation. From Dallas, James Cook reports. “The detailsrevealed by Dallas Police Chief David Brown are disturbing. He told CNN that MicahJohnson the black army veteran had insisted on speaking with a black negotiatorand had been taunted police asking how many officers he had shot, laughing, andsinging, and scrawling in blood on the wall of the parking garage where he wascornered and eventually killed. It's also emerged that the 25-year-old hadpracticed military style drills at home under the private academy of combative warrior arts which teaches tactics such as shooting on the move.”

A prominent activist from the Black Lives Matter Movement in the UnitedStates has been released after being detained overnight in the jail in Louisiana.DeRay Mckesson

was picked up during protests in Baton Rougewhere a black man had been killed by police last week. Officer said thathe had been charged with obstructing a highway along with around 100 others whowere detained.

On a way to Israel, the Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry haswarned that the prospect of peace and security is moving further from the reachof Israelis as long as the conflict with the Palestinian people continues. Mr. Shoukrysaid that a two-state solution was not far-fetched but the deteriorating conditionsfor Palestinians were undermining peace prospects. Israel's Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to join Israel in direct negotiations.

Colombian official say that 35,000 Venezuelans have crossed into theircountries to shop for basic supplies. It's the first time that Venezuela hasopened the border since last August. Venezuelans flocked to supermarkets to buyrice, flour, oil, and also toilet paper. And that's the latest BBC news.