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Aug 26,2016

BBC news with Illy McKue.

There has been an angry reaction from Russia over the rejection of its appeal against a ban on its athletes for states sponsor doping at next month Paralympicsin Rio.

The Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev said it was cynical and politically motivated. The court for arbitration in sport upheld the ban because it said Russia had presented no evidence to contradict the allegations.



        vt. 反驳;否定;与…矛盾;与…抵触

        vi. 反驳;否认;发生矛盾

The Turkish authorities have told people in the southern town of Karkamis to leave after it was hit by shell fire from Islamic State militants in neighboring Syria.

Karkamis lies just across the border from Jarablus, an IS held town which Turkish backed rebels expected to try to capture soon.

The United States Defense official says that US attack helicopters have been used to target Islamic state fighters in Libya.

A spokesman for the US military's Africa command said the use of the Super Cobra helicopters providedmore flexibility and precision in the US military's airstrike capability in the battle to retake the city of Sirte from IS.



        n. 精度,[数] 精密度;精确

        adj. 精密的,精确的

The Sudanese government has announced that it's hosting the former vice president of South Sudan Riek Machar, who is sacked last month. A spokesman in Khartum said Mr. Machar had been accepted on humanitarian grounds and given urgent medical attention.



        adj. 人道主义的;博爱的;基督凡人论的

        n. 人道主义者;慈善家;博爱主义者;基督凡人论者

Government ministers in Venezuela have been given 48 hours to sack senior public sector workers who signed petition against President Nicolas Maduro earlier this year. The petition called for referendum to oust the president.

And Israeli police have warned Scottish football fans they won't tolerate any attempt to fly Palestinian flags in their champions league match tonight against the Israeli club Hapoel Beer Sheva.

There's been no sign of any such flags so far as the games got underway. At last weeks first leg in Glasgow,Celtic fans unfurled more than 100 Palestinian flags.

BBC news.