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Aug 25,2016

BBC newswith Julie Candler.

Turkish artillery units have fired on Islamic State targets and Kurdish militia units in Northern Syria. The bombardment from inside Turkey is targeting positions in the town of Jarablus and Manbij.



        n. 轰炸;炮击

Earlier Turkey said the Islamic State group should be completely cleansed from northern Syria.

The UN aid coordinator has warned that the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo risks becoming an unparalleled humanitarian catastrophe.



        adj. 无比的;无双的;空前未有的

Stephen O'Brianpleaded with the UN Security Council to secure at least 48 hours ceasefire forthe delivery of aid.

Germany, France and Italy have stressed the need to give the European Union new impetus after Britain's decision to leave the block. The leaders of the threecountries meeting in Italy wanted more focus on security and economy. But correspondents say little concrete came out of the meeting.



        n. 动力;促进;冲力

Turkey says its withdrawn its ambassador from Austria. Ties between the two countries have been fraught over the past weeks with Vienna warning that Turkeyis heading towards authoritarian rule.

The comments have caused outraged Ankarawhichs called Austria the capital of racism in Europe.

A two-story building under construction has collapsed in the northern Nigeriancity of Kano. Many workers are said to have been killed in the accident, rescueand recovery workers still continuing at the site.

Three companies who have sponsorship deals with the American swimming star Ryan Lochte have ended their deals with him. The deals were terminated afterhe falsely told Brazilian police that he and three teammates have been marked at gunpoint atthe Rio games.



        n. 赞助;发起;保证人的地位;教父母身份


        vt. 使终止;使结束;解雇

        vi. 结束,终止;结果

        adj. 结束的

DNA experts in London have investigated collection of 18 century pigtails believed to be from sailors who carried out the mutiny on HMS Bounty inthe South Pacific Ocean in 1789.



        n. 兵变;叛乱;暴动

        vi. 反叛;暴动;参加叛乱

BBC news.