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Aug 23,2016

BBC news with Julie Candler.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis have demonstrated in the capital Sana against recent airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition.

The protesters are also showing support for new governing council declared by Shiite Houthi rebels who seized Sana last year.

Eye witnesses said many demonstrators fled in panic when the coalition carried out bombing raids on a mountain over looking the presidential palace.



        n. 联合;结合,合并

The president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach has said the Rio Games have epitomized the spirit of the event.


   epitomize:[ɪ'pɪtəmaɪz; e-]

        vt. 摘要;概括;成为…的缩影

The Olympics, which end on Sunday, have been blighted by logistical troubles, empty seats and a lack ofmoney. But Mr. Bach said the Brazilians had been great hosts.

The Turkish Prime Minister has outlined plans for his country to play a more active role in the search for a resolution to the war in Syria.

Binali Yıldırım said it was vital that its neighbor did not split along ethnic linesAnalysts say Ankara is concerned about Kurdish ambitions inthe region affecting southeast Turkey.



        adj. 至关重要的;生死攸关的;有活力的

        n. (Vital)人名;(法、德、意、俄、葡)维塔尔;(西)比塔尔

Officials in Afghanistan say government forces have recaptured a strategic district in the northeastern province of Kunduz from the Taliban. Earlier troops had been forced to retreat to the provincial capital when insurgents took control of Khan Abad district.

Pyongyang has accused a high-ranking North Korean diplomat who recently defected to South Korea of a variety of crimes.

North Korean media said the deputy ambassador to London Thae Yong Ho had been under investigation for embezzlement and selling state secrets. It described him as human scum.



        n. 侵占;挪用;盗用

The United States has expressed concern about prison sentences given to 20 people in Mauritania, 13 of whom are anti-slavery activists.

The state department said it was dismayed by accusations that some had been subjected to abuse and torture and called for immediate investigation. They were arrested following riots in the capital in June.

BBC news.