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Aug 21,2016

BBC News with x.

Russia says it's prepared to back a forty-eight-hour ceasefire in the city of Aleppo, following an impassioned appeal by the U.N.

Envoy to Syria. x, who welcomed the Russian move, but warned that the challenge for now was for Moscow to deliver the agreement of the Syrian government.

Police sources in Brazil say that U.S. Olympic swimmers in Rio de Janeiro invented a story about a robbery in an effort to disguise an x with a petrol station security guard.

But a spokesman for the Rio Games urged people to, as he put it, give the kids a break, saying that they had made a mistake, but life went on.

The United Nations has finally acknowledged they contributed to an outbreak of cholera six years ago that killed ten thousand people in Haiti.

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that Nepalese U.N. troops were the source of the disease. But until now, the U.N. has always denied responsibility.

The United Nations says South Sudan's former Vice President, x, who has not been seen in public for weeks, is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The U.N. Mission in Congo helped to transport him.

The U.S. Justice Department has announced plans to phase out the use of private prisons. An official said they did not provide the same level of safety or security as jails run by the federal authorities, or substantially save on costs.

A report earlier this month concluded that privately-run prisons were almost also more violent.

The online taxi service, Uber, has confirmed that it will start carrying passengers in self-driving cars within the next two weeks.

Starting this month, customers in the U.S. city of Pittsburg will be able to summon a self-driving car using the Uber app on their smartphone.



        vt. 召唤;召集;鼓起;振作

The social network, Twitter, says it's suspended nearly a quarter of a million more accounts for promoting terrorism. The company announced more than a hundred thousand such suspensions in February.

And two British brothers have won gold and silver in the men's triathlon in Rio. x crossed the finish line just six seconds ahead of his younger brother, x.


     triathlon:[traɪ'æθlɒn; -lən]

        n. 三项全能运动

BBC News.