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Hello, Im Jerry Smit with the BBC news. In the United States the FBI said it wont command criminal charge against Hilary Clinton for using a private E-mail servant to deal with classify government data when she was the secretary of the state. The bureaus director James Commy said the democratic party has presumptive presidential candidate has been extremely careless. But there is no sign of intentional misconduct.
Although the department of justice makes final decisions of maters like this , we are expressing to justice of you, that no charge is proper in this case. I know there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation as there was through out the investigation. What I can assure the American people is that this investigation is done honestly, competently and independently.
A spokesman for the Clinton campaign said that she had acknowledged her mistake , and considered the mater resolved.

The White House says president Obama will not discuss the FBI investigation, but within an hour  of the FBIs announcement, the president made his first appearance on the campaign trail along side Ms. Clinton. He said he believed in Hilary Clinton.

The Chairman of British inquiry of the Iraq war has said he hoped his reports will insure the military intervention of such scale will not be possible in the future without more careful analysis and political judgment. John Chilcort was speaking before his report published on Wednesday, he said he will not try away from criticizing individuals or institutions.

The UN human right organization has told BBC that around 900 civilian man and boys captured by Shia militia group during the battle to drive IS out of Ferlugia last month are still unaccounted for. A UN spokesman Reput Kerviel said alarming report about their fate have been given by others seize out tight Ferlugia at the same time. He said witnesses saw at least four men headed by militia men and dozens more had been shot. He urged the Iraq government to take urgent action.
We have been reported that this type of behavior are not from the scale before the coming battle also be the biggest of the all. And its really important that these militias are out of control.

The home secretary Theresa May has won the opening round of conservative party leadership election in Britain with the clear majority. The new party leader will take care of his prime minister David Cameron who resigned after the country voted to leave EU. Rob Bossan has the latest.
This is a strong result for Theresa May and confirms a state as her favorite. She said that she was the only candidate capable of joining support from the whole of the conservative party. The first balance also suggests the prominent leave campaign and entry election is likely to be her strongest challenge. Alternately the decision will be take by conservative partys 150000 or son members out in the country.
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Multiple rescue operations in the Mediterranean has saved at least 1500 migrants in the course of a single day. The Italian coast guard along with navy and EU border agency ships as well as vessels ran by humanitarian groups recovers the migrants from numerous inflatable dinghies and wooden vessel.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has promised a firm response in the after months of a serious of suicide attacks. He was speaking a day after 4 security officers were killed in a bombing close to profits Masco Madina, the 2nd most secritide in Islam. Allen Jonston reports.
Its not clear who carried out the string of attacks, but they will probably the work of IS group. And its clear that IS militants have Saudi Arabia very much in their sights. Now King Salman has sent them a message in the obvious reference to the extremists. He said his country would as he putted strike with an eye in hand those who try to influence the minds of young people. He knows that dangerous forces are trying to recruit the kingdoms youth.

The US has criticized its value plan to build hundreds of new homes in existing settlements in the west bank in east Jerusalem, a state department spokesman John Kobe said if the reports of the 560 new homes were accurate, it will be the late step of what seem to be a systematic process of land-secession and settlements expansions. Mr.Kobe said this was fundamentally undermining prospect for 2 state solution.

Investigators examining the copied voice recorder from many Egyptian plane that crashed into Mediterranean have reportedly discovered that pilot attempted to put out fire just before the disaster. This is yet to be officially confirmed. All 66 people on board were killed when it plucked into the sea in May.