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Aug 20,2016

BBC News with x.

A high-profile member of the International Olympic Committee, x, has temporarily stepped down, after being arrested in Brazil by police investigating the illegal sale of tickets for the Rio Games.

Mr. x is a member of the IOC Executive Board, President of the European Olympic Committee and Head of the Olympic Council of Ireland. In a statement, Irish officials said he was relinquishing all polls pending the outcome of investigations.




        vt. 放弃;放手;让渡

The organisers of the Rio Games say they are confident the Paralympics will go ahead as planned next month, despite a funding shortfall. The International Paralympic Committee has warned that several countries may not be able to compete, because their athletes haven't received the travel grants they were promised.

The Russian security forces have killed four men in St. Petersburg during a raid against suspected militants from the North Caucasus region.

Counter-terrorism officials said the men opened fire when they were ordered to surrender. They said three of those killed were wanted in connection with a series of terrorist attacks.

Officials in California say more than ten thousand firefighters are battling eight large wildfires in the state. They say one of the biggest, which has closed the main road and rail links between Los Angeles Las Vegas, is zero percent contained. One senior fire chief said he'd seen nothing like it in his forty-year career.

Fifty people have been hurt in a train crash in southern France caused by a fallen tree. Rescue workers said the train had reached one hundred and forty kilometres an hour when it hit a tree that had been uprooted during a hail storm. The train was traveling between the cites of x and x.

And about five hundred passengers have been rescued from a burning ship of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. The U.S. Coast Guard carried out the rescue with the help of local fire and tug boat crews. The cause of the fire is not yet known.




        n. 拖船;拖曳;苦干

        vi. 用力拉;竞争;努力做

        vt. 用力拉;较量;用拖船拖

BBC News.